With its late night dinner and bar bites offerings and very comprehensive drinks menu, Nassim Hill, nestled in the Tanglin Post Office building, brings new energy and excitement to the downtown dining and bar scene. With its extensive drinks list that includes a variety of beers on tap, wines, whiskies, boutique malts, champagnes, spirits, liquors and cocktails, Nassim Hill becomes the perfect spot for the ultimate pairing between great cuisine and drinks. Taking centre stage is an enormous marble counter that seats up to 20 something one might find in a medieval tavern. Customers in Nassim Hill are encouraged to share dining space and mingle at the counter and the communal tables, and tap their own draught beers at the end of the counter, where the taps are located. The bar also serves its unique all-day signature cocktails such as Yuzu Breeze or Dirty Sriracha Bloody Mary and has the longest happy hour in town from 9 am to 9 pm. The bistro is also well known for its famed malt-flavored Guinness Stout bread, used in their signature Hot Reuben sandwich. Taking a spin on classic dishes, the bistro also offers Spicy Eggs Benedict and Chili Crab pasta as well as healthier alternatives such as their generously sized Detox Salad and Asian Chicken salads. All eggs used are antibiotic and hormone free. If you are interested in holding your event, birthday or wedding at Nassim Hill, please contact Jaime at [email protected]
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56 Tanglin Road
#01-03 Tanglin Post Office
Singapore 247964

08:00am - 11:00pm

08:00am - 11:00pm

08:00am - 10:00pm


08:00am - 11:00pm

08:00am - 11:00pm

08:00am - 11:00pm



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Chilli Crab Pasta

My second time ordering this dish although I usually shun the spicy stuff - and it is pretty spicy as far as chilli crab pastas go. I had to keep a cold drink at hand for the occasional respite from the spice but it is highly appetising as the sauce is also tangy and flavourful. The crab meat is quite tender as well. Comes in both half and full-sized portions which is quite flexible depending on your level of hunger. The sauce is also very generous, which makes you wish you had a few mantous to mop up the remains when the pasta's finished.

Tucked out of sight from the main Tanglin road, the restaurant isn't the easiest place to locate, it is worth visiting - an online booking recommended since you can get 25% of the mains, which is really good bang for your buck 🖒🖒

Alsatian tarte flambé [$16++] A 20-30 min waiting time is required for this baked flatbread topped with sour cream, sliced onions, bacon bits, thyme, caramelised apples and mozzarella cheese.

Nevertheless the wait was worthwhile with the thin crusted flatbread bearing an ideal cracker-like crispness. Texture was on point but unfortunately not so for the flavours. The sour cream was hardly detectable and the mozzarella cheese was a thin layer that could have been more distinct. The bulk of flavours are derived from the smoky bacon, crunchy caramelised (or should I say cinnamon-lised) apples with the caramelised onions bearing a mere presence too. IMO the apples didn't quite complement the savoury dish and I would have prefer if it was softer with more caramelised flavour. Perhaps this is more suited to those with a lighter palate as it wasn't flavourful enough for me 😥

Mushroom risotto [$23++] Only available on the dinner menu (4pm onwards), assorted wild mushrooms, porcini are served along with a bed of risotto cooked to a creamy, grainy consistency.

Apparently the truffle flavour seemed to be more distinct here as compared to the mac & cheese, flavourful and aromatic.
The mushrooms were chewy, juicy and lended a pleasant earthy note to the risotto that was creamy, thick while retaining a grainy mouthfeel. Topped with Parma ham chips that added a pleasant crisp factor and a tinge of savoury saltiness, the only gripe would be the steep pricetag that came along. But much thanks to @burpple for the giveaway, I managed to enjoy my meal here without any worries to the damage in my pocket ☺️. .

Truffle mac & cheese [$19++] Only available for the dinner menu (4pm onwards), this dish comprises of macaroni baked in creamy béchamel  sauce and four cheeses with truffle butter, topped with an essential baked cheese surface layer.

With an approximate waiting time of 20-30 minute, the top layer of cheese was baked to perfection with golden brown exterior that was thick, gooey and crusty at the edges. A pity the elasticity wasn't that on point though, with the cheese being a little dry and as a result, not so flexible 😅. Truffle flavour and aroma was distinct but I would personally prefer it to be stronger. The macaroni are bathed in a creamy bechamel sauce that's flavourful with a subtle truffle aroma. Pasta was al dente but some parts (especially the bottom) were a tad too dry and undercooked. Overall, it's a dish that's flavourful and enjoyable (especially if you are a fan of cheese) but highly recommended for sharing. Would also prefer if there were some ingredients e.g. Mushrooms, bacon or ham to go along too instead of just plainly macaroni & cheese. .

Chilli Crab Pasta!

Finally one of the better ones I've tried! This is just the half portion. #burpple

Pear Cheddar Crumble [$11]

Kinda disappointed with this dessert - a bed of warm pear compote, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and cheddar crumble. The ice cream was of good quality but we definitely wished the pear compote came with a much softer texture rather than how it was too crisp a crunch, clashing with the crumble. The cubes of pears could also be more evenly warmed and we would have probably liked a stronger tasting crumble, to bring the elements all together better. Maybe we should have gone for the Apple Crumble Cake!

Cheddar Cheese Bacon Waffles [$19]

Instead of toppings on the waffles, Nassim mixes in bits of bacon and cheddar cheese into their waffle batter before it goes on to the griddle! We enjoyed the crispy chewy texture and the savouriness you get in between bites. The side bacon strips were done well, sweet and savoury - definitely no complaints about too much bacon here! It might get a bit jelak if you’re planning to finish this yourself, but the chive sour cream did help with that. If not, get another dish and share it with a friend! Prices are quite steep here though.

Bone Marrow ($12)

I've never had this and Bone Marrow for $12? Of course we got this. Fatty and creamy, while it was bland on its own, pairing it with the buttered toasted baguette, delightfully crisp in contrast with the marrow was pretty tasty. Served with salt, parsley and shallots on the side for taste.

(#linkinbio) Read more in Ultimate Brunch Guide Singapore edition.

Happy Sunday.
Hearty Scrambled Egg with Salami ($20) and Country Scrambled Eggs with Honey Baked Ham ($18)

Extremely Salty & Very Noisy

The menu here is extensive! A huge variety of options to choose from, you might be at a loss (if you're like me). Nassim Hill was super crowded on a Sunday for lunch; the noise in an enclosed space made it a little difficult to talk if you're looking for a quiet place to catch up with a friend.

We ordered the Skillet Eggs ($19++) & Spicy Huevos Benedict ($19++), with a Latte ($6++). Coffee was average, food was tasty & we were pleased as we ate. However, I was incredulously thirsty for the rest of the day so I think there is a lot of MSG in the food? That's a shame. Quite a turn-off & I feel like I might not be back anytime soon.

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬 Air-conditioned seats available
☀ Alfresco seats available
💻 Accepts reservations - I used Quandoo
📶 WiFi available

dagwood, elvis, reuben.

the meat:bread ratio in this sandwich is not great but it ended up a satisfying meal. was hoping for a katz's deli kind of sandwich but i guess that kind of food only exists in america.
nevertheless the mix of corned beef, emmenthal, sauerkraut and reuben dressing was at once savoury, creamy and tart.
the guinness stout bread was fantastic, though - toothsome crust with a nice, moist crumb.
went in at 3pm and the place was nearly empty. it's a good thing lunch lasts til 4; schedules can be busy at times.

First burger of 2017 and look - tiny pickle!

The double decker burger sounded good on paper but failed the impress. The seasoning of the patty seemed a little off. However the fries were done well.

A Bakery On A Hill?

Finally decided to visit nassim hill after reading reviews/looking at so many pictures and viewing the menu so many times hehe plus got entertainer 1-1 so even greater perks beside the tasty looking food!!!! Was q bummed that the main menu item offer did not apply to salads but I was determined to still order the Asian BBQ Chicken salad ($15). Was rather impressed by the juicy meat and flavorful BBQ rub on the chicken breast, the freshness of the cucumbers, red peppers and carrots as well as the crunchiness from the sliced almonds, edamame and golden wanton skins. That was q a lengthy description wasn't it, but all these individual elements that laid on a bed of greens was complimented well by the soy ginger dressing that (thumbs up to the cafe) was placed on the side. I don't like saucy salads so I was glad when I had the choice of how much dressing I wanted to add and boy, it was good. I will definitely come back here to try the sandwiches or even the breakfast menu on my not-so-detox day 😛😛😛

Wonderful Brunch

From coffee, food, staff to interior, vibes ... everything we experienced here today constitutes a perfect brunch ✨🌟🎄
We will be back!

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$5 Chilli Crab Pasta and Hot Reuben Daily
Till 31 Aug 2017
Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar Orchard


1. Subject to prevailing GST and 10% service charge

2. Portions are limited to first 15 redemptions for lunch and first 15 redemptions for dinner

3. Lunch starts at 11AM, dinner starts at 4PM

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5. This promotion is only valid for Chilli Crab Pasta and Hot Reuben sandwich

6. This promotion is valid from 1 August 2017 to 31 August 2017

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8. Selecting the promotion during reservation does not guarantee availability of the promotion

9. This promotion is not valid with any other ongoing promotions, discounts or vouchers

10. Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar management reserves the right to change T&C’s without prior notice

25% Off Entrees, Pastas & Pizzas (Off-Peak)
Till 31 Dec 2017
Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar Orchard


1. Valid between 4–7pm daily

2. Reservations must be made before 3pm on the day of visit

3. Discount is only valid when reservation is made online via Burpple, with "Early-bird Promo” indicated under "Special notes for the restaurant" section.

4. Not valid with any other promotions, offers or discounts

Ladies Night
Till 31 Dec 2017
Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar Orchard


1. Free flow Prosecco on Wednesday and Thursday from 4pm till closing

2. Only valid for ladies with a minimum spend of $35 per pax

3. Not valid with any other promotions, offers or discounts