Al dente pasta with chi by crab meat in chilli crab sauce . Above average but lacking that “ chilli crab “ flavour .

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It has surpassed the one at crystal jade.

QQ noodles , fragrant oil .

The best rendition of chilled pitan toufu I have ever had.

Perfect for this weather.

The pidan sauce is authentic and the toufu is so evidently homemade from its sightly denser but very enjoyable texture - since this holds the crab meat within well !

Amazing flavours .


While most Chiong for the egg tarts , this is still my personal favourite.

Coconut shavings , butter , sugar came together and did a symphony.

As good if not better than the ones I had in HK.
( some bakeries in Hk have very stiff breads - the ones here are intensely moist and fluffy )


Intensely chewy and smooth inaniwa udon with a flavourful soup base and good quality kitsune which are soft and not too sweet.


Amazing amazing ramen. Every slurp was so satisfying . Very delicate flavours .

You find little specks of brown in their ramen - perhaps a blend of buckwheat flour 🥰

The texture and consistency of the ramen was spot on ( al dente 🤣) . My preference is this sort of straight ramen rather than the yellow curly ones full of ammonia aftertaste and smell .

The broth was robust , balanced - not greasy and definitely no msg like they promised.

The char siew was tender, well seasoned without a porky after taste .

The accompanying gyozas were moist and well prepared.

The best ramen I have had so far and so affordable ( now ikkousha ramen is second 🤣).


Cosy corner don’t just make a mean popiah ,
The mee siam is one of the best I have had .

Well balanced between that tangy Assam and just a slight wee bit of coconut - not too much . The gravy also has the right consistency - neither too watery nor too thick .

I have tasted too many mee Siams to know a really good one and none can come close to this standard .

Mee siam was also served piping hot and all the condiments were fresh .

Eating at this place makes you feel like home .

Excellent chunky caramelised char siew , spring noodles , yummy home made chilli.

Honestly haven’t had such a faultless char siew noodle dish in a Long time . Everything was well made .

Ask for a leaner cut of char siew because they serve it the unadulterated Hk style char siew which is typically more fatty .

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Noodles so good - you can even eat it on its own.

Pretty sick of rushing around to queue for “ famous stalls” .

Sometimes you just want something reliable and decent - R and D ?

Nevermind about the name - the tender char siew , al dente Noodles and spicy chilli 🌶 were absolutely on the spot .

The wantons are plump - just slightly over seasoned - might be ok for those of you who need a sodium shake up .

The best version of crabmeat pasta I have tasted. Most places outside typically use a tomato cream sauce but to me , this version was much more superior .

Al dente linguine , rich and fresh garlicky homemade tomato sauce - slightly tart and generous use of stewed plump tomatoes .

It hits all the right notes about what a good pasta should be .

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Jai Thai is my default place for a good plate of pad Thai - it is always good .

Sufficient wok hei , sufficiently moist , not too sweet , not too oily , nice al dente noodles .

And if this is not enough - it is also really affordable .

Added 1 dollar this time for extra eggy-ness . It either out really nice .

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I dream of food .

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