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From the Burpple community

The final dish we got to enjoy at @enjoyeatinghouse was the Hakka Claypot Hong Zhao Ji, aka red wine chicken ($28++). Red wine chicken isn’t actually cooked with red wine like merlot or cab sav, but it’s chicken cuts cooked in red glutinous rice wine which explains the notable red hue. According to the menu description, it’s known its potent flavour and health benefits that include better blood circulation and metabolism.⠀

I can’t testify to the health benefits part, but I can corroborate the potent flavour part. I prefer my food strongly flavoured, and even I found this to be excessively salty. It might be less overbearing when paired with a bowl of plain, unseasoned white rice, but eating it on its own may cause hypertension. However, this had the effect of impregnating the chicken with a truckload of sapid, delicious flavours right down to the bone. Bonus points for tremendously tender chicken. Even the normally dry chicken breasts were astonishingly juicy, and I had no problems polishing them off without any beverage assistance .⠀

I don’t remember if there was anything else in the claypot, but this Hong Zhao Ji urgently needs more ingredients in there. The easiest fix I can think of would be to add radish cubes into it while braising, which would leech out some of the sodium and exchange it for some sweetness. As it stands, the Hong Zhao Ji at Enjoy Eating House is a dish that needs more complexity to realise its incredible potential.⠀

For the last time for now, thank you for inviting me, @enjoyeatinghouse & @burpple!

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While the title for the best dish of the night was hotly contested, the Crispy Fish With Chef Joel’s Red Curry Sauce emerged victorious. At $38++ for a whole barramundi, this is a great trade deal in the history of trade deals. Plus, you get sick shots for the ‘gram. @enjoyeatinghouse has actually taken the effort to fillet the fish, and then make the skeleton presentable enough to be the centrepiece of dinner tables.

However, the presentation is only merely the tip of the iceberg of impressiveness when it comes to this Crispy Fish. Like all the other fish served, it is delivered to the restaurant daily for maximal freshness, and the texture of the flesh was proof positive. It’s firm and pleasantly flaky, breaking apart with minimal effort from either your fork or your teeth. The batter was of optimal thickness, but was otherwise as expected of a decent batter coating.

Chef Joel’s Red Curry Sauce is stunningly sublime, and that sauce was what curried favour in our hearts & our tongues. The nyonya inspired curry possessed everything expected of an excellent rendition: spice, lemongrass notes, and a whole lotta coconut milk for that all important richness. Chef Joel’s Red Curry turned that redolent richness up to eleven, and every marvellous mouthful was creamy, spicy, herby & and about as rich as Elon Musk. The curry doesn’t really flow due to the weight & thickness of it, and it’s a thick gravy that coats everything. The only downside of this was that there wasn’t enough of that curry for our liking, and we were scraping the plate clean for just another bit of the red curry.

With fish dishes this good at Enjoy Eating House, the only fishy business here is good business. And business is a boomin’ with sensational offerings like this. Thank you for your hospitality, @enjoyeatinghouse & @burpple!

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The carb of the night was @enjoyeatinghouse Silky Egg Seafood Crispy Hor Fun ($38++ for a large portion), and it was so utterly unctuous that they could’ve served up the hor fun alone and I would’ve been a satisfied man. Don’t get me wrong, I’m elated that I got to sample their other dishes, but the hor fun was a whole lotta fun.⠀

Each flat rice noodle is fried till it turns crispy like a cracker, and that’s the claim to fame of this dish. Other places just garnish their rendition with a few ribbons of crispy hor fun, but Enjoy goes through the painstaking process of frying it all. Said crispy noodles are then drowned in a deluge of dummy thicc egg sauce, and absolutely decked out with an abundance of pork slices, prawns, fish, squid & shiitake mushrooms for a whopper of a meal.⠀

The simple egg sauce was supremely sapid, and it flavoured every component of this dish more than adequately. However, the sauce does make the crispy hor fun go soggy pretty quickly, so you gotta hurry with those photos. I still enjoyed the softened hor fun though, as there was still a little bit of crisp that made for an engaging textural contrast. The fresh & well cooked pork & seafood were simply the icing on the cake, or in this case, the proteins on the carbs.⠀

Once again, thank you for hosting us @enjoyeatinghouse & @burpple!

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The crown jewel in @enjoyeatinghouse fish lineup is the Salt Baked Whole Barramundi ($40++). When a whole ass fish touches down on any dinner table anywhere, it automatically becomes the center of attention. Enjoy Eating House’s Salt Baked Whole Barramundi is a statement piece, albeit a tastefully subtle one.⠀

The local Singaporean fish that’s delivered fresh daily from a farm off Pulau Ubin is simply baked in a cocoon of salt, and that’s quite adequate for this fantastically fresh fish. Don’t try to eat the skin like I did though, it isn’t scaled and is there for decoration. I wish they’d scale the skin & make it edible, it would be the perfect accompaniment to whatever drinks you order. The salt baking has given the firm, flaky and slightly moist barramundi flesh adequate salinity, while not overshadowing the natural sweetness of the firm flesh.⠀

Most of the flavour work is conducted by the Thai style seafood sauce & the house-made sambal served separately. The Thai sauce was a godsend, as it moistened the barramundi and provided a riot of flavours. The deep umami of the fish sauce in the mix is balanced with the sour & spicy elements of the mix, resulting in a quintessentially Thai sauce that everyone’s familiar with. Enjoy’s proprietary sambal is no less scintillating, with its insistent spice backed up by superb sapidity and just a little bit of acidity. The little sharpness sets it apart from other sambal chilies out there, and I enjoyed this minute difference.⠀

Minor gripe aside, the Salt Baked Whole Barramundi went swimmingly well and had us all hooked. Thanks for hosting us, @enjoyeatinghouse & @burpple!

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The aptly titled Ugly Cabbage in Fish Sauce ($13++) paralleled the old tale of the ugly duckling. Rejected by society during before its metamorphosis, it transcends into something ethereal in its final form. Nobody could believe that a lowly cabbage stir fried in a wok with some fish sauce & crispy shallots could ever attain this level of piquancy. Even I can scarcely believe it myself. ⠀

The fish sauce provides most of the ambrosia, but the wok hei sends it straight into the stratosphere. Every leaf of tender cabbage is indecently smoky and sports an alluring char, and it had us all jockeying to get the last vestiges of veg. You read that right: the Ugly Cabbage, a vegetable dish, had us battling over it. It’s so mind bogglingly majestic that I would happily trade up a meat dish for a serving of Ugly Cabbage.⠀

Thanks for inviting us, @enjoyeatinghouse & @burpple!

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@enjoyeatinghouse has been on my ‘to-try’ list ever since they opened their main outlet in Jalan Besar, but it’s years and a second outlet later that I finally sample their food. And yes, I enjoyed the food at Enjoy.⠀

Starting with a new appetiser, the Har Jeong Sotong Kia ($16++) arrived on our table and immediately set to work on charming our senses of smell. The baby squid (sotong kia) were coated in fermented prawn paste (har jeong), battered and deep fried for the perfect beer snack. While I found the batter a touch too thick myself, there was no denying the overwhelming umami from the prawn paste. The baby squid was enjoyably chewy due to its inherently springy qualities, and it was deeply sapid due to the prawn paste.⠀

Thanks for inviting us, @enjoyeatinghouse & @burpple!

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