Baked Salted Egg Custard Bun

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They got some weird prices man wth

The filling was intense but abit oily. Exterior was crispy and the texture after being soaked in the custard was v dense, slightly sticky and chewy, with a lot of bite. I feel like it's then closer to some kinds of Kueh more than bun

A hidden gem eatery with signature dishes. Not sure why it doesn’t have the same super long Q like in another famous dim sum place. It serves some amazing dishes that surpass our expectation. 👉
⭐️ Pan Fried Mushroom bun $5 (surprising bun skin with juicy mushroom filling)
⭐️Baked Salted egg custard bun $5 (sweet tooth fixer) the salted egg yolk has never been this creamy, warm & sweet. .
⭐️⭐️👍 Last dish you definitely gotta order is Charcoal Dumpling “Hak Kam Kai Siew Mai” $4.40
Other dishes we ordered are
* Shrimp Har Gao $4.60
* Steamed crystal skin prawn dumpling with spinach $3.90
* Baked Hong Kong egg tart $3.60
PS. GST 7%, Service charge 10%, jasmine tea $1.5 each and Wet Tissue $0.2 each

📍 Dim Sum Haus
57 Jalan Basar,
Singapore 208809

A year ago I said this of the above:

“Baked bread bun of noteworthy thinness that could encapsulate almost an avalanche of salted egg custard. With a sweet and perfectly harden "Bo Lou" hat- these buns are in a league of their own; they'd please many salted egg custard connoisseur.”

Still holds true, period.

This was part of an Eat Up; thank you Burpple for inviting and Dim Sum Haus for the warm hospitality!

This is the bomb! I like how the exterior is a bit crispy but still doughy. The salted egg custard is overflowing as you break the bun — salted egg porn alert! The custard could have been smoother, but can't complain for the quite affordable price tag. It's a must-order!

i loved the buttery shell (altho i wld have preferred it more crisp as it was a lil doughy) and they were sooo generous w the liu sha, which flowed out with just a tiny bite!! it was both sweet and savoury, w smoothness from the liusha and a nice bite from the bun. the liu sha filling was slightly grainy and separated but definitely distinct in flavour! 1-1 in #burpplebeyond :-)


This is by far one of the best salted egg custard buns I have tried, at a very affordable price. Most of the custard buns are either too sweet or that there is no distinct salted egg yolk taste, but this was lovely... The only thing that gripes me was that it was too watery and the custard flowed out immediately when I bit into it. Otherwise, it’s a good custard bun! I liked that they used baked skin rather than the normal pau skin, which was a refreshing change.


Sadly, when they arrived, one had already burst and had its contents oozed out 😢.
Texture and taste wise though, they were definitely on point. I loved the unique take on the usual steamed liu sha bao; this reminds me of the cookie layer on melon pans and was sweet with a very nice crispy and chewy combination. They were a little small, but a delightful way to end the meal.
We had also ordered the Baked Salted Egg Pumpkin Tart ($3.90++), and while the pastry was nice (buttery and flakey), the filling didn't impress much, and was just sweet. So I'd say skip that one and get these if you're deciding between the two!


😋 Swipe to view the live action of its “explosion” and the aftermath! ✨ Being a fan of salted egg, this dish that I was most looking forward to try here managed to meet up to expectations ; IMO on par with the one I had at Mouth Restaurant. The bun was baked to perfection with a crisp crusty surface layer that came with a lingering buttery fragrance and a soft, pillowy interior. On the other hand, the salted egg filling is creamy, thick with a distinctive, luscious flavour and a characteristic lingering saltiness that was subtle and pleasant. My favourite dish among all I have tried, I would certainly order this again if I were to visit for the 2nd time (which I most probably would to check out the other dishes) 😋 !
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