Paige Lim (paigeiseating) | Burpple
Good For Groups, Dinner with Drinks, Date Night Good Vibes Good vibes and good food ☺️
Cafe Coffee + Drinks Caffeine makes the world go round.
Burger, Cheap & Good, Good For Groups Fast Food Artery-clogging, sinfully delightful πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Ÿ
Burpple Beyond Deals πŸ’°, Rainy Day Comforts, Zi Char Random Finds! Random gems in Singapore that I can’t find a category for.
Good For Groups, Chinese Mala Mafia! Rainy day comfort 😊
Vegetarian Vegan Friendly 🌱 For the humans advocating a plant-based lifestyle
Burpple Beyond Deals πŸ’°, Good For Groups Weekend Hangouts What’s a weekend without good food and lovely people?
Food Delivery Reviews I love my food delivery apps.