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Shiok Maki

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Ordered Shiok maki gen 2 (with fried prawns inside the roll), yaki-udon and 1 enoki wrapped in bacon skewer

Their skewer is freshly grilled and it comes with a slight char that adds a layer to the taste. However, the price of the skewer may be slightly too steep.

I have eaten the yakiudon before and I felt like the taste of the yakiudon was better when i first tried it 1-2 years ago.

The shiok maki is delicious and basic - will definitely suit those who love mentaiko/saucy sushi.

Given the queue and the lack of ambience, i will probably not come back again...

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Went to Koh Grill & Sushi bar a few months back and enjoyed a filling lunch🤪 Got the Shiok Maki (of course🤣) ($16.80), Bento D ($15.90), Bento G ($14.90) and a Y17 Enoki Pork Belly Skewer ($4)!

Really enjoyed the bento set, but the shiok maki was a bit gelat towards the end (the sauce is v thick)😅 Overall would rate it an 8.5/10 and would definitely come back again for their lunch bento sets!!😇👍🏻

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tried both the unagi & prawn tempura shiok maki ($16.80 ea.) since it’s their signature but found it quite underwhelming.

couldn’t taste much of anything because there was just soooo much kewpie mayo. very jelat also.

we also noticed them leaving plates of it without the sauce in the open. sauce will only be added upon order and hence it’s served very quickly.

this is a tragic photo but rlly good stuff!!! a little too much/rich for one person so it's good we shared! the queue just proves how good it is


So Koh Grill & Sushi Bar's shiok maki is not new to most people as it went viral a few years back. Despite being around for a number of years, the hype for their shiok maki seems to continue as there is always a long queue for dining in.

Shiok Maki ($16.80)

I enjoyed the different layers of the maki, from the seared salmon to the smoky soft grilled eel within the rice, and eventually the sauce that was generously drenched on the maki. The sauce was cheesy and buttery. The generous portion of tobiko topped on it gave it an additional crunch and salty "ocean" taste lol.

Shiok Maki Gen 2 ($16.80)

The main difference in the Gen 2 maki is probably the crispy crunchy tempura prawn that replaced the grilled eel. With the crispy tempura prawn, there is an additional crunch within the maki beyond the otherwise soft mushy texture. The sauce was also slightly different as there was an additional mango flavour to it. It might sound weird but I actually prefer this sauce as it felt less heavy (or for Singaporeans out there - less jelat).

I can't decide which I like best and I will probably continue to order both everytime I visit this restaurant!

Rating: 8 / 10


Survived the hour long journey home and still tasted amazing!

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The signature dish.

Will never disappoint.

Must have!

Fish roe overflowing.


Shiok Maki Gen 2 ($16.80++): featuring crispy prawn 🍤 wrapped with lightly roasted salmon 🍣, we actually liked this rendition better because of the additional crunch from the tempura! 💗


Shiok Maki ($16.80++): their best-seller OG Shiok Maki 🌟, this maki with charcoal grilled eel 🐟 wrapped with lightly roasted salmon 🍣 drenched in their addictive luscious sauce 🤤 topped with poppin' tobiko was delightful! Give up on using your chopsticks 🥢, I had to use my spoon to scoop up the maki. 😅


Self explanatory post, can never go wrong ordering their shiok maki. Came here during lunch on weekday and glad that managed to get a sit for 4 at around 12pm.

The portion of the roll may have been smaller over the years, but not complaining as generally enjoyed every mouthful of it. For those who have not visited Koh Grill, you are definitely missing out but just give it a try and you’ll soon be glad to return for more!

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