Japanese Food🍱

Japanese Food🍱

Japanese food that is worth a try!!
Joslyn Koh
Joslyn Koh

Went to Koh Grill & Sushi Bar again after half a year and I must say... the Shiok Maki ($16.80) is still Shiok😍 This time, I also ordered the Sukiya Beef Hotpot ($16) to try and it was not bad! I expected the soup broth to taste stronger but its quite light🤣 All items were before GST & Service Charge!

Overall ratings 8/10!! Would definitely come back again for the shiok maki🤪

Went to The Refinery for dinner with colleagues 2 weeks ago and had the Mentaiko Aburi Pasta ($24) along with other sharing items such as Cauliflower Fritters ($10), Refinery Wings ($12), Chicken Karaage ($13), Mentaiko Fries ($12)😇 The Mentaiko pasta was good but got a little gelat after awhile. The other sharing items were delicious😍

Overall ratings 9/10 as the ambience was good, staff were helpful and food was delicious!💯 Would definitely visit again!!

Went to Sushiro and ordered a few of their items: fried shrimp and avocado roll, salmon sushi, tuna mayo salad, chawanmushi and more😇 Total bill came out to be about $70 for 2 pax, a little steep but good quality sushi💯👍🏻 Overall ratings 8/10!!😄

Went to Sukiya and tried their XM (Extra Meat) Kimchi Gyudon ($8.20) with an add on set of Spinach + Miso Soup ($2)😇 I really enjoyed this gyudon as the rice was piping hot and the meat was fresh and tender😍 Overall ratings 10/10 affordable and good quality food!!💯

Went to Menbaka Fire Ramen at Orchard Cineleisure and got their set for 2 ($39.80+). We had 2 bowls of ramen, drinks, onsen eggs, gyoza and sake ice cream😇

Fire ramen experience was fun due to the ambience and they kindly helped customers to record their reactions when the noodle had flames🤣 Food wise was nothing outstanding, portions were a little small and the sake ice cream was not to my liking (I think its more of an acquired taste)😅 Total ratings would be a 6/10 as I think its worth just a one time experience!

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Went to Hoshino Coffee recently and ordered the Hoshino Spaghetti with Eggplant, Shimeji and Sausage ($14.50 before gst), and also a Hokkaido Oyster & White Cheese Cream Omu Rice ($18.80 before gst)😇

Food is good and would travel back to try other items on the menu!! Overall ratings 8/10🥰

Went to Yayoi! and ordered the Unatama Toji Teishoku ($17.90 before gst) which consists of unagi and egg + rice + a small salad and picked radish + soup as a set😇 Tried the food and it was decent but a little towards the salty side😅 I also tried my friend's chicken nanban ($14.90 before gst) and preferred that! (Chicken nanban sauce reminds me of fillet of fish tartar sauce HAHA)🤣 Overall ratings 7/10 as the food is okay and the selection is wide but wouldnt go back unless i have cravings🤭

Came here twice already and im in love with their Kazan Beef Sukiyaki ramen ($17.80)😍 It is so comforting especially on a cold day, with soup thats flavourful and it includes vegetables eg cabbage and noodles! It also comes with a side of rice and its very filling for one person!😇Also ordered a Hotstone Curry Rice ($11)! I love that this store has a few outlets in SG so whenever im craving for it im able to pop by to the nearest outlet🤣 Overall ratings 9/10 because its affordable and delicious hehe!!👍🏻

I love Waa Cow! HAHAH always go for their 1 for 1 deals and this 11:11 deal happened to be their wagyu steak don which original price was $23.90🤪 Really worth it and food is good too!! Ratings 9/10 should try especially when theres 1 for 1😍

Went to Ramen Matsuri and got their Taiwan Mazesoba ($12.80+), Spicy Mazesoba ($13.80+) as well as their handmade dumplings ($7+)😇 Would say that the texture of the noodles is different from what ive normally tasted in other ramen stores but its a good experience to try new food!!😋

Overall ratings were 7.5/10 because of the ambience and pretty affordable food with filling portions (but maybe ill grow to like the noodles a bit more overtime HAHA)🤣

Got the Triple Cheese Prime Hamburg Steak Set ($20.80) and had their free flow salad and eggs😇

Would say that the food is decent but with the hype in place, its a bit overrated to me haha😅 But I would say its worth it if u like eggs and salad as its free flow + have a variety to choose from!!😇 Overall ratings are 7.5/10!🥰

Went to Ramen Keisuke and ordered the Spicy Miso Tonkotsu Ramen Spcial ($18.90)😄 Would say its decent but I love me some free flow eggs and beansprouts🤣 Would prefer the outlet at Bugis tho... Overall ratings 7/10 as it was nothing spectacular☹️

Can I say that Cafehopping around SG is my hobby?🤣 Leaving personalized reviews everywhere I go😇

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