Cô Chung (Plaza Singapura)

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Food & Beverage Cô Chung (which means Aunty Chung) offers delectable Vietnamese cuisine. After working as a Head of nurses for 25 years, Aunty Chung has retired and is now pursuing her dream of creating good food. With passion, tenderness and knowledge of hygiene from her nursing background, Aunty Chung offers quality Vietnamese food which brings happiness and love to all diners.

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From the Burpple community

Pork ribs marinated in special in-house recipe. Dayum... The flavours were fantastic. Chewy and juicy meat on ribs. While it can be tasty, the texture can be somewhat firm making it hard to bite it off from the bone. The sauce they provided with help give a appetising taste.
Not sure what sauce but I think is cilantro mix dipping sauce.

Pork belly, shrimp, noodle, veggie and herb wrapped within rice paper roll. Served with special homemade dipping peanut sauce. The staple to order.

A smooth, rich and strong coffee with thick sweetened eggy foam on top. A revitalising drink to have.

Baguette filled with layers of homemade pate, mayonnaise, roasted pork belly, cold cuts, veggie, pickle. cilantro and chilli.
Crusty, soft and tender bread with loads of filling. A refreshing taste to the palate. Isn't spicy at all.

Fomo that I gotta try this relatively new! Vietnamese eatery in town. We know who is number one but this Co Chung gives a run for its money with their "authentic dishes". They've got quite a few Vietnamese dishes I have never tried before but this is my first visit. Let's try something familiar, Bun Thit Nuong (Vermicelli with grilled pork & crispy spring roll) 😉
I can't complain about this dish. The grilled pork js well seasoned and very generous in portion. The sweet fish sauce brings all the elements together. The spring roll is crispy and go well with the grilled pork & vermicelli. Wish there could be more veg (a few slice of carrot & basil leaves are not enough.) The grilled pork could be too tough for some but is ok for me. If any suggestions, it would be nicer if some grilled pork pieces won't be too charred and that they use different box (rather than foam) as a food container. 🐡💚🌏♻️

Forever a long queue during peak mealtimes, but worth the wait for their delicious Vietnamese classics at an affordable price. We had the Crab Paste & Pork Vermicelli Soup ($12.50+) which was so flavourful and I really loved the umami-laden crab paste balls. The Chicken Skewer ($8.55/min 3pcs) was also charred nicely and paired nicely with the accompanying tangy chilli, and were absolutely massive, worth the price.