For the longest time, Nam Nam has been my go-to Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore.

Tried Co Chung recently and it is now my new found favourite! And now I understand why they always have a long queue at the Plaza Sing outlet!

Here is what I ordered:
-Chicken Pho Noodle ($11.50++): I initially did not want to order this as the menu photo did not look appetising. But it turned out to be super tasty! The soup was the herbal not super pepperish kind! However, the chilli given is chilli sauce instead of the red cut chilli.
-Vermicelli with Grilled Pork and Crispy Spring Roll ($12.50++): My other favourite item to order at Vietnamese Restaurant!
-Fried Crispy Spring Rolls ($8.50++): Their fried crispy spring rolls has more vermicelli and less on meat/prawn.
-Cold Lemongrass Water ($3.80++): This was frankly quite diluted, almost tasting like iced plain water