A standout among beverages, their Egg Milk Coffee impresses with its robust coffee flavour. The thick, sweet, and creamy eggy foam atop the coffee adds a rich and delightful touch. This concoction proves to be a potent elixir, delivering a satisfying caffeine fix.

While the concept of cracking open the cockle for easy consumption is commendable, the dish falls short in execution. The taste is an acquired one, with a peculiar sweetness and nuttiness. The subtle tamarind flavour does not seem to blend seamlessly with the overall dish. An additional toothpick for easy meat extraction would enhance the dining experience.

A hearty meal featuring a crispy baguette generously stuffed with pork slices, pickled vegetables, onions, cilantro, chilies, and soya sauce. The abundance of fillings is evident as they burst out, creating a delightful mess. The set includes Fresh Spring Rolls with Prawn as a side, accompanied by hoisin sauce with peanuts, adding an extra layer of richness to the overall experience.

A plate of white rice noodles served with herbs, accompanied by succulent grilled pork meatballs served in a bowl of tangy and savoury dipping sauce. The joy lies in the ritual of dipping each plain strand of noodle into the flavourful sauce, ensuring every bite is infused with its delicious essence. The simplicity of this dish, combined with generous portions of meat and vegetables, creates a satisfying and clean culinary experience. The pork is a delightful combination of smoky, tender, and flavourful goodness.

Pork ribs marinated in special in-house recipe. Dayum... The flavours were fantastic. Chewy and juicy meat on ribs. While it can be tasty, the texture can be somewhat firm making it hard to bite it off from the bone. The sauce they provided with help give a appetising taste.
Not sure what sauce but I think is cilantro mix dipping sauce.

Pork belly, shrimp, noodle, veggie and herb wrapped within rice paper roll. Served with special homemade dipping peanut sauce. The staple to order.

A smooth, rich and strong coffee with thick sweetened eggy foam on top. A revitalising drink to have.

Baguette filled with layers of homemade pate, mayonnaise, roasted pork belly, cold cuts, veggie, pickle. cilantro and chilli.
Crusty, soft and tender bread with loads of filling. A refreshing taste to the palate. Isn't spicy at all.

Expensive but is worth the money. Wok fry cockles with great amount of pork lard, garlic and chilli. Savoury, sinfully oily and smokey. Most were clean, flavourful and tasty. There isn't a need to dip it into the salt pepper lime sauce to enhance any flavours. The char residue from the claypot is the most yummy of all. It's packed full of flavour. Please eat with caution as it can be quite hot since you need to use your hand to deshell it.

Solid Viet coffee with a right balance of milkiness and sweetness. A nice contrast in colour too. Ice too much causing to be diluted thereafter.

3 pcs of simple crispy spring roll with flavourful pork, prawn and yam fillings in it. Served with vege and homemade fish sauce dip. The only problem is a tad too small to enjoy.馃槄

My classic order. Dry vermicelli with grilled flavoursome pork chop, unique tasting grilled meatball, fried spring roll, chopped lettuce and herbs. Served with homemade fish sauce.
To eat this, just pour the fish sauce only and mix it. The noodle will slowly absorb the essence and produce a sweet savoury refreshing once you consumed it.

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