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From the Burpple community

Had this Grass Jelly with Beancurd & Red Bean with Beancurd at Fu Hua Beancurd. Simple and traditional old school dessert.

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Went previously but unfortunately it was closed. Came back again and glad it was opened. Order 3 bowls of porridge, 2 meat & 2 vegetables dishes for $11.

The scramble egg I think it is quite dry which i was hoping it to be the wetter verison.

The cabbage is soft and sweet which I really like it.

The 2 meats is very delicious especially the brown sauce.

I would visit again to try the other dishes

From stall 527. On my quest to find the perfect carrot cake I had here. It's not this. This sucked.

The local sweet version haha, although sold by a Hong Kong dim sum stall. Not bad though, as it's fresh.

Tender chicken drumstick. Roasted pork skin was crispy but the bottom part was a little hard to chew. Love it when stalls have the ginger for me to put on the rice and meat. Yum

Ever seen an egg tart bun? I haven't. I was full from lunch but I couldn't help but buy this. Bread was soft and egg tart wasn't too sweet. Just the right combination. Might go back to try their other buns, some were also interesting.