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Ordered a half curry fish head among other dishes. Bill came out 100RM for the small pot of half curry fish head. To our surprise, we checked with the staff as normal pot would cost around 30-40RM like the famous store jin long curry fish head. Was told that the fish given is red snapper as the normal fish to make curry fish head was sold out. We were not informed and the dish was served. When confronted, the staff wasn’t able to explain. No apologies and behave as if it’s the norm. Many friends of us actually experienced the same dishonesty after our sharing. We would definitely not recommend this place. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Fish head curry served in a claypot loaded with fleshy fish meat, cabbage, lady finger, long bean, fried tofu skin and tau kee. Their portion comes in 3 sizes with a small portion serving only fish steak while medium and large comes with a choice of fish head or tail. Each serving is freshly prepared upon ordering where they will place the fresh fish steak/head/tail into the claypot, add in the vegs and curry to cook it over the fire before serving it bubbly-hot to our table.

If you are expecting curry with a very thick consistency then you may not appreciate this place. The curry gravy here is not heavily saturated with coconut milk which is less jelly and drinkable. The fish meat absorbs the savoury curry gravy well and goes perfectly with rice. A small portion is just nice for 2-3 pax 》RM40 / Small (Fish Steak)

It's time to consider having curry fish head for breakfast because the waiting time nearer to lunch hour is approximately 1 hour and they are not open for dinner.

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"Made with a variety of spices from Malay & Indian cuisine, the curry is super flavourful & addictive. The fish head is very tender too".
This legendary shop has a long que regardless of the time of day, and a bowl of curry fish head for 1 starts at RM22.

📸 & ✍🏻 By Burppler Calvin Lee

The Thai style Siakap (RM46kg a kilo, this one was RM22.50) really hits the spot, sweet sour and salty all melded together so well. bonus points for not costing an arm and a leg.

Try out the marmite chicken (RM23) as well, juicy chicken coated in just the right amount of marmite, not too much and not too little


8 Jun’19, Sat⛅️⁣⁣
📍Restoran Teck Sing 德星茶餐室⁣
- Paper Baked Chicken 紙包雞🍖⁣
- Claypot Drunken Prawn 砂鍋醉蝦🦐⁣
- Hotplate Beancurd 鐵板豆腐🥘⁣

Confirm report to Teck Sing for dinner each time come here for day trip...😂⁣

Cos each time come with different group of friends, good stuff/food/place must share, correct or not~😜⁣

Would recommend the paper baked chicken & drunken prawn, those who likes herbal soup & liquor base soup, these 2 dishes are the must-order!


Damage: RM74

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95% of the time when I'm in JB, this will be my lunch. The aroma of the Chinese herbs and spices escapes once you tear the paper wrap open that is sure to make your mouths water. The chicken is firm yet moist from soaking up all the herbal goodness. Also they only use kampong chicken.

Honestly, the dishes in Teck Sing are generally delicious. I don't think I've ever dislike anything there. The eggplants's great. The omelette with turnips is great. The hotplate tofu's great... You get the point. And the best thing? Really affordable!

This had a funky name but I've forgotten. And I used singular because it seemed to be meat off a single rib? A signature dish apparently and the plating pointed to it, but really ordinary.

The name and look didn't reveal much, but this was damn spicy. But shiok kind of spicy!

Looks underwhelming, tastes underwhelming. Sotong was too tough. And the batter very no effort right?

Malaysia's lok lok is so addictive because you can get them fried or grilled. Here you see oyster mushrooms, broccoli, cheese hotdog, quail eggs etc. So unhealthy it's only across the causeway haha.

Compared to my other flavour, the crayfish here was done better, successfully blending with the cereal.