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Have birds in Birders - especially when the sharing sides here are pretty decent.

Unique marinate combination of black vinegar and sake resulting in a flavoursome snack. Personally I prefer the sharing plates to the yakitori sticks though the latter is supposed to be their speciality.

Yakitori Style Meaty Dinner

Had dinner here for sister's birthday celebration. Staff was very helpful in terms of giving us recommendations and sorts.. Food was not too bad, grill without too much of seasoning yet bringing out the flavour of each item. Good for a group gathering so everyone can have more selection of food choices.

PS: Did not have the "smokey" smell that sticks to your clothings n hair so ladies can go in and enjoy without any hair tie 👍🏼😆

Yakitori Menu at Birders.

High light of the night would be their chicken butt and pork belly. Don't be afraid when you heard the word "butt". No trace of weird smell but it was grilled till crisp and brushed with their inhouse sauce. .

Overall speaking their yakitori was leaking in seasoning. The wide variety of cut made up for it. You can consider visit this joint with a couple of friends talk some chicken and have some "butt". 😋

Starters At Birders

Liver mousse, birders wings, potato salad, curry croquette and age-harumaki.
Among all the starters we had, these were my personal favorite. Good balance of flavors. Good and heavy taste which was good with any alcoholic drinks.
I would highly recommend their curry croquette and age harumaki.
Easy to eat and comforting to the soul. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Had a good laugh when I saw the kanji of “Birders”, which was 鳥人 (a word we use to scold in Mandarin).

Opened by actor Adam Chen, Birders is a modern style yakitori bar.

The menu is conceptualized by Chef Makoto Deguchi, an alumni of the one Michelin starred Sola in Paris.

While traditional yakitori focuses on either shio or tare for seasoning the skewers, Chef Makoto prefers the use of different toppings for each cut of chicken meat such as including Negi puree and black sesame on chicken thigh skewer, or nori vegemite on a chicken breast stick.

Birders, or 鳥人 as I prefer calling it, is the newest chick to the flock that includes Park@Holland V and The Great Escape.

If you've been keeping up with the “behind-the-scenes” grapevine, you'll know that one of the owners of the group is actor-turn-entrepreneur Adam Chen.
For a local take on the Japanese izakaya that is supposed to specialise in yakitori, the sharing plates turned out to be the highlights of the massive tasting. The liver mousse ($16) is a must-order for pâté lovers, especially since it’s a rare chance that the proportion of the spread very much exceeds the “base” which are the golden fried mantou. Yes, lick it right from the pot! Add a little yuzu marmalade from the side if you’re too chicken to enjoy the wild flavour, it eases the slight bitterness that some find repulsive.

Curry Croquetas

They may look pretty innocuous, but they aren't just any ordinary croquettes – in place of creamy bechamel is a rich Japanese curry that almost FLOWS when you cut or bite into each orb of crispy breadcrumbs. I love strong flavours and this one more than exceeds expectations.

For Skewers, Sharing Plates and Sake

This casual izakaya spot on Tras Street is the perfect place to wind down with friends (who love eating as much as you do). Sit near the grill to watch the chefs work their magic or opt for the large table if you're in a large group. From the skewers section, go for familiar items like Tsukune ($4.50), the melt-in-your-mouth Pork Belly ($4), and our favourite Nagaimo Mentai ($8 for three pieces) — yam topped with mentai mayo and torched for a smokey finish. Adventurous eaters should have the Heart ($4), the Gizzard ($4) and the unbelievably tasty Tail ($4) glazed in a garlic shoyu sauce. Birders also offers small plates for sharing like Liver Mousse ($16), a bourbon-infused chicken liver pate that comes with deep-fried mantou and house made yuzu marmalade on the side, and chicken-stuffed Curry Crouqetas ($10 for three). End with a Takikomi Chazuke ($10), a humble grilled onigiri with a side of dashi broth. Drinks-wise, get the Cup Sake (prices from $15), which allows you to try different sakes in small quantities (180ml). Just ask the friendly staff for recommendations!
Avg Price: $50 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Jason Wong

Liver Mousse $16

I never pass up on liver pâté if I see it on the menu and Birders doesn't disappoint with their velvety smooth version spiked with bourbon. No funk, only rich and luxurious flavour that begs to be spread over an insufficient number of deep-fried mantou. The tangy yuzu marmalade is there to provide respite from the heavier tasting components if you need it, but I find myself spooning the pâté straight out of the pot and into the mouth once the buns run out.

Thanks @burpple for the invite and @birderssg for the great hospitality!

Taste: 3.5/5

New Yakitori & Sake Bar at Tras Street

Newly opened at 55 Tras Street is Birders; a Yakitori and Sake Bar that serves up adventurous sticks like Chicken Tail, Chicken Heart and Chicken Gizzard as well as the safer crowd pleasers such as Tsukune and Pork Belly. My preferred dishes include the savoury and flavourful Pork Belly, thickly cut yam with an adequately portioned drizzle of Mentaiko for the Nagaimo Mentai, the Big Black Balls that a battered, deep-fried balls with Japanese curry and minced chicken fillings inside and Liver Mousse which surprisingly wasn't overpoweringly salty and creamy without carrying a stench; comes with sweet fried mantou buns and Yuzu jam to smother with. Pair the Yakitori sticks up with one of the three Dons available; all of which thoughtfully sized so one can get the best out of both worlds without stuffing themselves silly with both Don and Yakitori — the Oyako Don was all comforting while the Takikomu Chazuke (grilled multi grain rice ball; think of it as a grilled Onigiri less the seaweed doused in dashi broth); a light compliment to the otherwise meaty meal. Alternatively, the saucey Yakitori Bowl is always there if one ever needs more sticks with rice too.

Thanks Birders for hosting the Burpple Tastemaker Eatup last night and also for generously stuffing us with their menu as well as Burpple for the invite!

Tsukune $4.5

The multitude of choices can be overwhelming at yakitori joints, but when in doubt, you know you can always fall back on the reliably tasty tsukune - ground chicken meatballs served with a sweetish tare sauce and the currently en vogue pairing of onsen egg.

Thanks @burpple for the invite and @birderssg for the great hospitality!

Taste: 3.5/5

Tsukune ($4.50)

If you’re still feeling peckish after all the above, there’s always the trusty tsukune ($4.50). Envelope the chicken ball with the tare (dipping sauce, tasted somewhat like bbq sauce) and yolk from the onsen egg, and pop whole into your mouth for the burst of juices.
A couple of things to improve on: the mooncake-like matcha lava cake that didn’t flow *gasp*, much to the disappointment of those with their phone cams ready; and the aircon circulation for the big table seating outside the enclosed kitchen - even the toilet felt cooler. Despite the small letdowns, the big sake menu is tempting enough for me to make a second visit soon with my alcoholic pals!
Many thanks to @Burpple for the invite, and Adam from @Birderssg for generously hosting us! #Burpple #BurppleTastemaker

Nagaimo Mentai ($8)

The yakitori and grill menu does have some impressive items. Anything with mentaiko can hardly go wrong, so the nagaimo mentai ($8) is more than just a safe choice with its thick chunks of grilled purple yam topped with aburi mentaiko. Best on the list is the chicken tail ($4) that is crispy like the skin, but succulent from the fats.

Curry Croquetas $10

If you can resist these crisp, panko-crumbed balls filled with a mild and moreish chicken mince curry, then you'd be missing out on one of the better dishes over at Birders, a newly opened yakitori & sake bar by the team behind The Great Escape bar over at Golden Mile.

Thanks @burpple for the invite and @birderssg for the great hospitality!

Taste: 3.5/5

Hot off the grill on Tras Street is Birders - a yakitori & sake bar with a menu conceptualized by Chef Makoti Deguchi, formerly from one Michelin starred Sola in Paris

Pick from slightly more than a dozen skewers - most around $4 - including bonjiri(chicken tail) glazed in garlic shoyu, runny quail eggs and piman nikuzume(meat stuffed bell peppers), amongst others. My yakitori of choice would have to be the tsukune and bonjiri, though most items could do with a touch more seasoning.

Thanks @burpple for the invite and @birderssg for the great hospitality!

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