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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Delicious, the glaze is incredibly smoky I'm not sure why, and the pork was bouncy too. Could have been a bit more tender but flavour was bomb, portion abit small though

Really delicious.

There's a lot of tender beef, udon was not bad, seaweed and tempure bits were nice too. The soy sauce dashi was very comforting

I won't say it's a must try because it's not unique, but this is really superb execution of comfort food, no wonder they're the winner. I enjoyed it very much and I highly doubt u can find better udon at this price point in singapore

It's basically kway teow that's chewier than normal and completely tasteless, served w kuromitsu and kinako. When mixed tgt it's v good tho so overall it's quite enjoyable, more than expected

Not bad at all

The mochi was crispy outside and chewy inside as before, well grilled. It's basically the same as the other version except there's matcha on top of the red bean soup here, and one less mochi(supposed to be smaller I think)

So same standard overall, very good stuff

Black sesame taste is very strong, esp due to the pure power at the top and bottom. The wobblyness is exactly the same as the matcha one too

Overall a stunner, not as good as matcha pudding but still a must try

The broth is really good, the crab miso taste is super strong. Noodles were hard as well, which works. The premium char siew were made from very thinly sliced iberico pork belly and were very tender. It's not worth it at all tho, there's hardly 50g of it?

The tomato crab meat sauce was too strong in tomato flavour, in a weird way. However when you're almost done and mix everything tgt, it works because the crab broth is very strong so the tomato taste doesn't come through as much.

Worth a try if you're in the area, I recommend drinking and eating around the tomato and sour cream until you're down to your last couple spoonfuls before mixing everything

Their noodles are all on the harder side which was completely fine. Lean char siu was passable but could have been better if somehow it were a bit more tender.

The soup is complex in a weird way but too thin so it just tastes like msg

There's a slight bite, it's not the ultra tender kind. Came with a slight crisp that dissipated after 2 bites. Small portion too

Overall it's decent but too ex

Tbh you can't taste much except for the spicy mentaiko which is already very mild, simply cos everything else is way too mild. Esp the tuna rlly has no taste at all, but it was quite tender

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No more wagyu beef fried rice, there's still the wagyu don tho

This is very unique, it doesn't taste anything like your normal steak. It's medium well to well done which is perfectly fine for this kind of beef. Slightly crisped up on the exterior and the sauce was sweet and quite good. Very tender with a medium bite

Overall it's not the juicy kind you might expect but because the fat is rendered since it's cooked through, you get more tenderness than medium rare doneness

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Quite fresh, it's got a bit of that sticky glutinous texture almost, and the sweetness is pronounced without much umami

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The flesh tastes like abalone almost in texture, with the slight chew. It's very savoury and umami in a mild way, I think it's more due to marinate though. Also the other part in the shell tastes like crab roe, but more fishy

This is a tiny portion btw, not sure if it's obvious from the pic

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