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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium


Incredibly tender, it's unbelievable. There's this almost homogenous soft texture, you can't even distinguish fat and muscle. Mad umami from the koji, but ofc there's the accompanying funk(which I'm completely fine with but maybe not everyone is). The funk is quite mild alr, relative to the umami

Must try, it's mad.

The crab was somewhat sweet, not super strong but mixed w the egg yolk it's gooey umami

Pretty good

Smoked radish was good, sandwiching a bit of cream cheese

The cream cheese soaked in miso had a very strong funk from the miso, could be abit more umami

Kombu cream cheese is actl not that strong, can skip

Crab cream cheese rlly taste the very grey salty flavour of crab, it's alright

Overall not all are worth a try, I'd personally only really recommend the radish, although they're certainly quite unique. For this price it's really not worth gambling

Rice was really good, not overly sticky like some Jap rice and can separate well enough

Oxtail soup was alright, very clear

Their onsen egg was of ultimate quality. Perfectly cooked too, it really left an impression

The pickle beside the lemon sauce salad was also superbly refreshing, really lovely.
For the meats, the thin tongue is thicker than most and is very satisfying, boasting both crunchiness and chew. Unfortunately it cools quickly and turns hard within 10mins, so savour quickly. The thick tongue is less tender, but takes punishment better so feel free to whack the sauce w it. I got negi shio sauce and I have to say, it's not particularly good, more peppery than negishio

If I come back, I would get all thin tongue and eat the meats first quickly before anything else.

Overall, a place w good tongue and a lot of attention paid to the excellent sides. Must try for beef tongue lovers like myself

Feel free to char this for quite a while, unfortunately unlike normal beef the rib fingers doesn't have a lot of chewyness, it's tender but not ridiculously tender, and there's a bit of sinews making it more unpleasant.

Average, for someone who normally like rib fingers

Every bit the dreamy piece I expect

It's really as good as it gets, tender, flavourful, and with the teeniest bite (you don't want meat to be exactly like butter with 0 mouthfeel, then it doesn't even feel like meat)

This was meh, I mean it's decent and there's no porkiness at all, but the texture isn't the most tender no matter how much of the cook I vary

The charcoal dies after less than 30mins tho, which shouldn't be a problem unless you cook piece by piece like me

The ribeye cap which I forgot to take a pic of after cooking, is surprisingly nowhere as good. It's quite chewy even after I vary the cook, and quite lean so it chars like lean meat instead of your normal fatty wagyu. I feel like that's a mistranslation because this can't be ribeye cap, it's usually the most fatty and most flavourful cut

King river aus wagyu

Delicious as ever, I almost NEVER order the same thing, I hardly return to the same place. One of the most perfect renditions still, the tender beef w the slight bit is really as good as it gets for a wagyu bowl that's not just pure fattiness. And even the onsen egg and pickles somehow work better than most other places, idk why

Served w balanced miso soup and a decent salad



Not a big portion, there's a little bit of crisp which disappeared quickly, the meat wasn't the best texture and there's a little bit of funk from sake or sth


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Weak miso and didn't amplify umami much, skin was crispy but burnt, literally. Cod could have been more fresh too

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