Hidden Gem, Cafes & Coffee, Breakfast & Brunch Caf├ęs To Caf├ęs Not that rich to go cafe hopping, but when I do want to spend on food, I like to read up about the place before going, so that I won't order the flops. Here's my review of what I ordered at these caf├ęs!
Cheap & Good, Local Delights, Hawker Food Good Hawker Delights! What's not to love about our local hawker food? Here's a list and review of the more well known hawker stalls.
Supper, Hawker Food, Cheap & Good Hungry For Supper! Places to have a light meal and chill way past dinner time.
Good For Groups, Date Night, Popular Convenient Eateries Face it, you can't always be like a hippie and go to out of the place caf├ęs just for mediocre food. Here's a review of easily accessible restaurants!
Cakes, Ice Cream & Yoghurt, Cafes & Coffee, Desserts Always Room For Dessert I have a sweet tooth, enjoy good handcrafted ice cream, and is always hungry for more desserts! Here is a list of cakes, tarts, bingsu, everything.