🇱🇷 Kuala Lumpur Eat-about Figuring out what to eat when I am in Kuala Lumpur. This would be my most random list of the most random foods that I most randomly ate.
Burger Love for Burgers Never Ends The wonders of how sandwiching those ingredients give those meats and veggies a new meaning on the plate.
Italian, Pizza, Pasta Pizza Risotto Pasta All the Italian food happens to be my comfort food.
European, Craft Beer Oktoberfest All Year Long Beer, Sausages and Crispy Pork Knuckles. Some sauerkraut by the side please. Essen.
Mexican Hola Amigo! Care for some Mexican cuisines? Don't forget to add some Tabasco Sauce!
Western Western Generally Just want to "jiak kentang" (combination of "eat" in Hokkien and "potato" in Bahasa Melayu).
Cafe Café Invasion Discovering coffees, mains and desserts served in the local café scene.
Cake, Dessert, Ice Cream & Yoghurt Sweets! Because there’s always room for desserts.