Festive Occasions
Others, Western, Chinese Festive Occasions Whether it's the traditional festivals or western occasions, there's always a reason for food!
Belly Comforting
Others, Rainy Day Comforts, Healthy Belly Comforting For light, warm but happy food on days with smaller appetite
Chinese 咱们吃中餐 Let's eat some Chinese cuisine!
Hey sweetie!
Ice Cream & Yoghurt, Cakes, Desserts Hey sweetie! There's always stomach space for desserts!
Love For XLBs
Dim Sum, Chinese Love For XLBs Having lived in Shanghai for a period of time, how can I not fall in love with these little steamed pork soup dumplings!
Not Your Usual Places
Hidden Gem, Dinner with Drinks, Newly Opened Not Your Usual Places I like hunting for places that are not widely publicized, they could be newly opened or because they are ulu. Still, they can be surprisingly good too!