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$9.90 for chunks of salmon sashimi, avocado and lots of cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Topped with red rice base.

Really wholesome and fulfilling lunch choice. Was definitely value for money with the portioning.

So in 😍 with their chopped broccoli and cauliflower base that I eventually went to the supermarket to create my very own version. Anyway just newly opened this year is wheat's "ninja bowls" located conveniently at the basement of republic plaza, raffles place. They have pre- fixed bowls with proteins such as foie gras, beef, roast chicken, salmon sashimi, pork belly and sides. Otherwise you can DIY by mixing a base (usually broccoli n cauliflower mix, baby spinach, quinoa or rice with a protein and 2 or more sides such as pickled bean sprouts, edamame, kimchi, tofu, onsen egg, pumpkin and a lot more. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» prices start at $9

My usual "Phoenix" dish was not available at WHEAT, so I chose "Whale". It was prepared extremely fast and came in an unexpectedly huge serving (this, comparing with the known "Phoenix" serving)! Has it always been this big for "Whale" or was it my lucky day? Anyway. The taste for this is rather strong (mushrooms and dark sauce). It is not a bad thing; just not light like "Phoenix". Ingredients were plentiful. They were flexible and gave me my green soba instead of the standard rice/rice noodles. Free and free-flow chilled lemon water. All for $7.80. 3.9/5

#wheat #soba #healthy

This is a plate of wonder which happens to be low in calorie. Easily become one of the tastiest -- if not THE tastiest -- noodle I've had here in Singapore. No kidding, I'm talking noodles. In general. Cheers to @wheatbaumkuchen for this.

If you like your noodle [in this case, soba] creamy, and flavorful YET healthy -- this one's about 479Kcal -- this is for you. Oh! Did i mention those are chicken thigh fillet. 😍😍😍
🍝 Bull Run Soba
πŸ’° S$8.00
🏠 Wheat [@wheatbaumkuchen]
πŸ“ One Raffles Place [B1-32], Singapore
πŸš… Raffles Place MRT

Its a very price at $12. Generous chicken, pumpkins and quinoa. Salad too.

Delicious quinoa. There's cranberries inside. And grilled chicken breast and pumpkin.

πŸ˜†. Having healthier meals in the mean time since there will be lots of feasts ahead.
Thumbs up for the chewy soba and tender grilled teriyaki chicken. The sesame dressing was nice without feeling too 'jelat'. Healthy portion and taste without shortchanging your tastebuds.

Oh btw, there's not a single trace of beef in this dish. Wonder why it's named this way though. πŸ€”

Very nice texture, well cooked, taste fresh and moist with just the right amount of flavors. One of my greatest introduction to anyone. Taken a few months back though. They do have lota other convenient location to choose from.

Eat healthy is the new chic. 😁
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Fantastic dish. Teriyaki chicken was tasty and came together with the soba to form a relatively light but satisfying dinner. $8.00 and 4/5.

Contrary to popular belief, eating healthy does not mean eating boring, especially when you’re at One Raffles Place! The skyscraper houses 8 concepts for busy bees to eat great and feel good at the same time.

@wheatbaumkuchen serves enticing dishes with a calorie count of less than 500, and has been a Healthy Dining Partner with the Health Promotion Board since December. Hop onto le blog for deets on their 3 new items :) #orpgreen #orpgreenplates #instafood #foodstagram #sharefood #foodspotting #sgfood #sgfoodie #fooddiaries #onthetable #instayum #yummers #whatiate #whati8today #sgigfoodie #burpple #hungrygowhere #openricesg #eatclean #eathealthy #soba #wheatsg #lifeisdeliciousinsingapore #nomondayblues

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