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From the Burpple community

Boiling hot soup with half a fish and rice - just nice for this rainy day. Asked for less oil and salt which they accommodated.

Mildly spicy (probably bc less oil), warm and delicious.
I would order the tail part next time as it's more fish and less bones.

@whatthefishsg is a novel concept, whereby the traditional large party classic of a Sichuan style grilled fish is scaled down to cater to chronically forever alones like me. Normally they have a choice of fish, but on the night I tried their food, they were left with sea bass so that’s what I had.

$12.80 gets you the front half of a fish bubbling away in your choice of broth along with a bowl of rice, and the fish is large enough to feed one starving man. They have add ons for a dollar each, and I decided to fortify my Simply Garlicky broth with some Chinese cabbage and sliced lotus root. The Simply Garlicky broth is simply sapid, slightly spicy and incredibly garlicky. That’s right, there’s more than enough garlic in the broth to annihilate Count Dracula about twenty times over, and it flavours the fish spectacularly.

Now we get to the bad news. Remember when I said that the sea bass served was enough to sate a starving man? Well, I lied. Sort of. While the size of it passed the eye test, it turned out to be more bones than meat. I know sea bass is a bony fish but bloody hell, there were more bones in it than a hardcore adult actress. Additionally, the fish wasn’t scaled properly, so every odd mouthful would contain a fair amount of scales. Add that to the fact that the sea bass was slightly past its prime, and I was ready to drop the bass.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept, and the stellar Simply Garlicky broth, but the fish itself…what the fish, man.

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