Food that foster health, wellness, vitality and happiness. Our cafe specialises in organic, wholesome and delectably fresh food; to make healthy food tasty.

1 West Coast Drive
#01-73 NeWest
Singapore 128020

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 09:00pm

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Cosy Cafe Serving Wholesome Healthy Food

Nyonya-inspired Assam Fish Brown Rice Bowl. Expect a huge portion of haddock fish doused in a house-made assam sauce that contains cubed zucchini, sliced mushrooms and organic tomatoes. The dish comes with an onsen egg and a side of greens too. 

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#GlutenFree Coconut Cake made from coconut and almond flour, eggs, coconut milk, coconut oil and coconut sugar then topped with crushed almonds.

S$6.90 Nett.
Really in love with this coconut cake! Simple yet delicious. Aromatic yet not overly rich. Dense and moist with the perfect sweetness. No unnecessary cream or fancy plating. Just a natural cake accompanied by some homemade dark chocolate sauce with option to add on homemade #vegan coconut yoghurt.
Besides the coconut cake, I also love their drinks and food. Striving to make wholesome food with whole grains, Thrive Kitchen also promises to avoid using artificial and processed ingredients. As someone who is used to home cooked food with little salt, I find all their stuff perfect in terms of sweetness and saltiness. Try and let me know if this is your kind of cafe?
Where to find this?
Thrive Kitchen @thrivekitchensg
1 West Coast Drive, NeWest L1-73, S128020

Mon to Thu: 10.30am to 9pm
Fri: 10.30am to 10pm
Sat: 10am to 10pm
Sun: 10am to 9pm

Thrive For food!

We found this new place in the west and we kinda like it as they serve healthy food and the place is quite cozy and nice deco with cozy corner, long wooden bench where we sit and eat our nice and yummy food after our weekly badminton session! Nice place to relax n have a decent cup of coffee!

Whole Leg Curry Chicken With Brown Rice

Waited about 15 minutes for the dish to be served. It was worth the wait, the chicken thigh was made till tender and the curry was tasty - not too spicy, go very well with the fragrance brown rice. Also had a bottle of freshly pressed immunity booster orange (organic), you have the option to add tumeric but I was not adventurous enough today to try 😅. Very good dining experience in this quiet cafe, food are all healthy versions -- will definitely visit again as there are good variety of dishes to try. 👍👍

Thrive Kitchen

Here at Thrive Kitchen for the first time. Love the deco and feel of the place. It gives a very comfy and cosy feel.

Ordered the cheese and chicken toastie. A simple sandwich with cheese, chicken and a sunny side egg between 2 thick and fluffy brioche toast. Yummy!

Had the savoury French toast but it failed to impress. The scrambled eggs didn't have the buttery fragrance to it and it felt more omelette like. The dressing drizzle on it tasted a bit sour and didn't go well with the dish.

We had the coconut cake and I love it as it had a strong coconut taste and it wasn't very sweet.

For coffee we had Magic (double piccolo latte) and cafe latte. Coffee tasted a bit sour when it was cold.

Ambience: 5/5,
Food: 3/5,
Coffee: 3/5,
Price: 3/5.
Verdict: Don't need to travel all the way for it. 😅

Yummy Flourless Delicious chocolatey Cake

Seriously one of the moistest chocolatey goodness that I have tried..and it's flourless!
Had it accompanied by the prettiest rose buds tea...yes.. real rosebuds ... in the tea.

Moist Banana Cake With Ferrero Ice Cream

The banana cake looked so good that I dived straight into it before snapping a photo. This simple cake is a gem. Try it and you will know that it is baked with freshest ingredients. Rest assured that it will not leave u very bloated. The ice cream is good to go with the cake, as it is very light (vegan ice cream).

Thrive Kitchen

Generous portion of salmon, cooked at the appropriate moist level. Refreshing taste of kale drenched in seasoning that goes very well with the healthy brown rice. Not to mention the seaweed and peas, which give additional crunch to the entire taste experience. What a good and clean meal - guaranteed to satisfy anyone's tastebuds - whether eat clean or not.

For Downright Tasty #EatClean Fare

If you've ever associated clean eating with boring and tasteless fare, Thrive Kitchen may just be the place to change your mind. Tucked in the middle of new and currently quiet shopping mall NEWest in West Coast, the cosy space (all warm lighting and light wood) makes an inviting spot for a quiet meal with a friend. They have recently launched their full food menu, which sees tons of flavourful and nutritious eats, from wholemeal pastas to rice bowls and hearty mains. For a meatless meal, you're in for a treat with the Thrive Benedict ($12.90), which sees pillowy multigrain toast topped with mashed avocado, perfectly wobbly sous vide eggs and a super delish cashew mayonnaise. The star of the meal, however, was the Nonya-inspired Assam Fish Rice Bowl ($17.90). The assam sauce would wake you right up with its zingy hit of flavours, and we're pretty sure it would get nods of approval from Peranakan matriarchs. It's spicy, but absolutely worth the sweat. For sweets, try a slice of their moist gluten-free Coconut Almond Cake ($6.90), or a scoop of Despicable, a creamy banana and walnut ice cream. Will we be back? You bet.
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burppler Leigh Khoo

@thrivekitchensg's rendition of eggs benedict is seriously tasty.

The guacamole topping is well-seasoned and full on flavour, and the cashew mayonnaise is just killer. I only wish it weren't such a far trek to the west!

Downright Tasty Assam Fish

I'll drive 30 minutes from east to west just to eat this Nonya-inspired Assam Fish Rice Bowl ($12.90) - I'm even confident the picky bibiks in my family would approve of the zingy, appetising sauce that packs a punch of heat. So good.

Coconut Cake

From Thrive Kitchen that is situated at this new building named NeWest just along the AYE — to get there you would have to alight at the bus stop along AYE that is opposite Hong Leong Shopping Centre and cross the overhead bridge. Thrive Kitchen is situated inside the building hidden from sight, and aims to serve wholesome, balanced and healthy meals (i.e. gluten-free) for the masses.

This is probably one of the best gluten-free cakes I have ever had for a while; baked in-house, I like how light, moist and soft this is, yet perfumes of coconut fragrance the moment it ends up on the tongue. Texture is enhanced with chopped nuts over the top that contributes a little bite to the whole cake. Excellent with a Flat White on the side.

Korean-inspired Kimchi Chicken Pasta

To keep in line with their health-conscious concept, the pasta used here are made of wholemeal flour and dairy-free; in fact, they use nut milk in replacement of cream for the base of their pastas.

It's pretty much of an abstract dish that either fits one or one would find a tad far off — most of it lies with the kimchi sauce with nut milk added for a creamy consistency; this was probably part of the reason behind the mellow tang that could be perhaps confusing for some in the sauce though I like the moderate kick of spiciness that it carries which made it pull off for me. The trick to have it taste more kimchi-like is by having a bit of the kimchi with every spoonful as it enhances the flavours by adding the tang back to the "kimchi". The chicken slices were tender and actually were pretty flavorful from the rosemary used, though the black pepper may have a tendency to clash with the kimchi for some. That being said, the ingredients used are pretty fresh; the earthiness of the mushrooms especially being so and I do appreciate the fact that the kimchi is also made in-house. It is definitely not bad, but probably a dish that requires more customer feedback to strike a balance overall to find the right formula.

Flat White

Thrive Kitchen uses a custom blend of beans from Two Degrees North Coffee Co. for their coffee here that is customized for use just for them. The coffee comes with quite a heavy body that has a nutty finish.

PS: Thrive Kitchen has free wifi — do ask for the password because you would really need it; the entire building has no cellular signal for even basic 2G, let alone mobile data.

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