Believe it or not, this hole in the wall serves up pretty good and healthy dishes with vegan options! The cafe presents a quiet and comfortable ambience complemented with warm lighting and an open kitchen - perfect for a 1-to-1 meet up with your closest friends.

The Assam Fish Rice Bowl ($17.90, back) gave a good first impression with its rainbow colours and an assortment of ingredients. That blob of fish pieces coated in a thick red gravy may not seem appealing, but it sure packs a punch as the nonya spice slowly infuses your palate and kicks you with the chilli. A really impressive dish!

The Norway-inspired Open Sandwich ($12.90, front) comprised of a vegan patty made out of lentils, mushrooms and almonds, sitting atop one whole portebello mushroom and wholegrain toast. Once again, a good impression was given as the earthy fragrance of the mushrooms assailed my nostrils. The vegan patty and cashew mayonnaise were indeed flavourful, but I wasn't too pleased with the patty being crumbly - it kept breaking apart whenever I stick my fork and knife in. Perhaps a little binding agent to hold the patty together will be good! Also, the bread tasted a little stale and I found it hard for all the components to harmonise well together.

Nonetheless, I love this cafe for its extensive menu of wholesome dishes and chill vibes. Would definitely return to try other dishes, especially their desserts!

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