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From the Burpple community

Dry kind, kind of at least(abit more wet than the completely dry kind). The seasoning was quite mild, even medium heat wasn't very spicy at all. Ingredients were generally well fried, the beef was slightly disappointing but ckn and pork were fine, esp the ckn

Serviceable mala here, somewhat expensive. Rice was generous, ask for less rice as it's quite dense

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The chapati was delicious

Chickpea gravy was nice, there's a reasonably strong aroma from this spice, I think it was cardamom? Can't rmb anymore

Butter ckn was ok

The mutton curry tho, it's flawless. Gravy was quite thick, and the mutton was stewed to tender melty perfection. My mom approved

Ckn tikka was approved by mom, I didn't have it

Overall very solid place, must try if you're in NTU

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The rest were average but the tripe was absolutely terrible, very chewy

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At a base price of $4.30, the kimchi fried rice was delivered decently with a good sour and very slightly spicy flavour. If you want something more, add $1 for chicken like what I did, and youโ€™ll feel like you have a more complete meal of carbs and protein. Served on a sizzling hot plate, I found this kimchi fried rice pretty authentic and fresh, especially because the stall is handled by Koreans. Unsurprisingly, itโ€™s a pretty popular amongst the students here so expect long queues during meal times!


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Hugely popular stall, the pork was tender but the highlight was the sauce. It's rather different from what you get normally, I'd say the sauce is somewhat grainy and it's rather sweet, but that isn't enough to capture the difference.

I obviously over ordered, this is about 6 dishes. Still kinda pricey though, but execution was generally ok. The taste was not the most authentic, and lacks heat

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