492 Jurong West Street 41
Singapore 640492

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Open 24 hours

Open 24 hours

Open 24 hours

Open 24 hours

Open 24 hours

Open 24 hours

Open 24 hours

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From the Burpple community

Before any one complains about my title, this is what’s written on Takagi’s signboard.

They are cheap. The basic ramen (Takagi Ramen) is $6.90. It comes with ramen, two slices of Cha Siew, spring onion and basically nothing else. Come on for $6.90 in a dine in fast food restaurant, to me that’s a lot. I added a tamago and abalone slices for $1 and $2 respectively and made it into a set for another $3.90. You get a side and a drink. You actually don’t have to as the portion of ramen is quite decent.

Flavour wise, although they claim never to give you soggy noodles, it was a bit soft for me because I prefer my ramen more al dente. Also, it was a tad salty but I have been told before my preference is for very bland food. Special mention for the pickled vegetables that you can choose to add. It is spicy and salty. Would have been nicer if the soup was more bland. Or just add chilli oil.

This place runs 24 hours a day, so if ever you feel peckish and want to get a bowl of ramen, there’s Takagi all over Singapore.

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We bought 2 ramen, and add on dumpling and drink, and a rice bowl. Here, the only meat that they offer is pork (no chicken and beef). The spicy one is reallly spicy. They offer free noodles but I think the original quantity is sufficient. If you think you'll need more, get it at the start and add it to your soup straight away or else it gets hard and difficult to eat. It has quite a comfortable seating area and is not expensive ($8 range) but did not really like the flavours so wouldn't visit again!

Ideal for hunger pangs at ungodly hours, Takagi Ramen has been my family’s go-to for quite some time - an option whenever we are seeking a quick and decent ramen fix. At $8.90, my order of Butashoga Ramen was a competent bowl of Tonkotsu Noodle soup. Apart from the full-flavoured base, the affordable and hearty pick comes with a small heap of ginger-braised pulled pork, braised bamboo shoots, and spring onions. The sweet meaty flavour from the pork enhancing the creamy, already-rich, and lip-smacking broth. The thin noodles were a little on the softer side in my opinion but still slurp-able and the cherry on top was adding a seasoned ramen egg for an extra dollar.

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Doused in the familiar spicy and sweet sauce, the hole-in-the-wall establishment’s Chilli Crab Ramen ($12.90) was a fun, localised take on the traditional Hakata ramen. Served with roasted nori, a gooey Japanese ajitama egg, and a separate bowl of soup; the Hokkaido soft-shell crab was indeed the highlight for me. Coated in a thin batter, the crisp crustacean was nicely seasoned. The briny tanginess of the crab also soaking in the savoury heat of the chilli crab sauce – packing a good amount of flavour in the bowl.


The first time I chanced upon Takagi Ramen on Grabfood, I was excited as it was during CB period and I was craving for Ramen. It was with such excitement coursing through my veins that I proceeded to order a Karakamen set (with Fried Gyoza).

However, upon receiving the Ramen, my excitement quickly dissipated to be swiftly replaced with disappointment.

The noodles were stiff and had a weird aftertaste and the soup had so much of the chilli Oil added that I could only taste the oil and none of the soup which made eating the ramen an unpleasant experience. The ramen egg that came along with it was so bland that I think the Hanjuku Eggs of 7-11 would taste like heaven. All in all, my family members and I came to a conclusion that the best item of this Ramen Set was the fried gyoza.

Fast forward to yesterday, when my friends and I were looking to have dinner after our exercise session, we happen to come across this outlet at Jurong West and immediately, alarm bells start ringing in my head. Although I was very hesitant to have this, seeing how my friends did not try it before and we were very very hungry, I decided to give this another chance.

I ordered the Black Tonkotsu Set (with fried gyoza and nope no egg for fearing of what’s to come). When the noodles arrived, the aromatic smell of the Black Garlic Oil rumbled my stomach juices and I was thinking “wow will eating here make a difference, is it redemption time ?”. However that thought was quickly put to bed upon the first sip of the soup. For all the aromatics of the black garlic oil, the soup was very very lacklustre and it was only until I added almost all of the chilli powder did it have some form of character to it. All in all, my friends and I agreed unanimously that the star of the ramen set was the fried gyoza & the chilli powder.

All in all, I think the $$ we paid for the ramen (avg of $16) is not worth it. Perhaps, to compare this Ramen to other more “famous” Ramen brands in Singapore is very unfair as it would be akin to comparing a Toyota to a Nissan GT-R. A more suitable comparison to this would be Ajisen Ramen but I vividly recall that the broth of Ajisen Ramen was more flavourful....

In short, even though this place opens 24 Hours, if ever I have a late night ramen craving, I would rather take my chances on my instant noodles/ramen at home.

Newly launched item on the menu, Fuji Five Lakes Fried Rice.

At first glance, it's an impressive pile of rice. Its piled higher than in their promo picture and packed pretty compactly. Even after the sauce was drizzled over the rice, it didn't collapse. Points for sturdy construction.

To call it a fried rice, nah. More like mixed rice. Just cooked Japanese rice mixed with those kind of frozen mixed vegetable bits. Rice lacked any seasoning at all. The accompanying condiments were quite little. If you were to mix everything together, it's alot more rice.

Speaking of the rice, I reckon there's about 2-3 bowls of rice in that tower. Unless you can really eat so much rice, if not you should not get this.

The star of the dish is the salted egg yolk sauce. Creamy, rich. Somehow, you won't get sick of this sauce. It sort of makes up for the weak and rather tasteless rice. We had a refill of the sauce. It's an additional of $2.

The sides are always well done. The takoyaki is crispy on the outside, soft and goey on the inside. I wish there was more than 6. The Gyoza, nothing special. Similar in taste to the ones from old Chang kee.