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Reviews at Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant

Reviews of good food at Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant
Mee Goreng

This was quite nice. Not too ketchupy, and enough chili. Didn't blow me away, but didn't repel me either.

Too Much He Bi

This unassuming spicy kangkong didn't look spicy when it arrived. But looks could be deceiving and I fell for it. Thou spicy, it didn't rock my boat cos too much ground dried shrimp. And too little garlic.

Just Like Satay

These beef skewers were supposed to be award winning so I ordered it. But in the end, it tasted just like beef satay. Sigh...

Money Bags

This pomegranate chicken was quite cheap, only $3 each so I ordered 2. They were huge, almost as big as my palm. I would say very value for money, but the taste was only alright. Too big for me to finish.

Crispy Babies

It was surprising how an appetizer became the star of the dinner. These baby squids were the best dish I had that night. Crispy and crunchy. The sauce was a yummy sweet and tangy. But with a peppery aftertaste that I have not experienced at other places. I was seated outside with a huge fan blowing from the ceiling. So breezy. Ambience so lovely. With k-pop music serenading my ears from the shop next door, my night was absolutely perfect.

From today to 10 August, you get to experience the Singapore Restaurant Month organised by RAS, with support from AVA, STB, and Union Pay!

To celebrate SG50, 50 restaurant brands have created 50 new dishes using local produce, such as this Fried Baby Barramundi sourced from local supply! We loved its freshness and crispy cuttlefish mixed in with spicy sweet sauce at just $18 for 500g!

To commemorate Singapore's golden jubilee, the Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) will be launching Singapore Restaurant Month, an inaugural month long event held in conjunction with Singapore Food Festival.

From 1 July to 10 August 2015, diners will have the opportunity to dig into 50 mouth-watering dishes from 50 restaurant brands. All 50 dishes are created specially for the event and uses local produce such as fish, eggs and vegetables.

A sneak preview of one of the dishes from yesterday's gastronomic trail - Fried Baby Barramundi from Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant. Deep-fried Baby Barramundi with crispy shredded cuttlefish, drizzled with homemade honey tangy sauce. The fish was crispy on the outside, moist and tender inside. The honey tangy sauce had a slight hint of spices and reminded me of thai sweet chilli sauce. The addition of crispy shredded cuttlefish made this dish insanely flavourful. Not the most photogenic dish but this was really good.

Each baby barramundi weighs about 500g and will be priced at S$18 for the event. A great deal not to be missed!

For more information about #SingaporeRestaurantMonth and the list of participating restaurants, please visit

Deep Fried Baby Barramundi $18

50 Restaurant brands across the city has dedicated a whole month (01 July to 10 August) to celebrate the nation's golden jubilee in an culinary way - deliciously and affordably.

One of the city's most venerated seafood power house - Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant offers the whole Barramundi fish at an unbelievable price of $18 per 500g.

The locally sourced baby Barramundi is deep fried and served with crispy cuttlefish that have been tossed with honey and kaffir sauce. The dish is good for sharing two person, but at a whopping low price of $18, I wouldn't mind having one fish all to myself.


Quintessential Singapore dish for our overseas colleagues.

It's nice to see old establishments like Palm Beach still around after so many years.

The #food standard at #PalmBeach #OneFullerton sucks BIG TIME!!

The chilli #crab #gravy was not very warm when they served us. Utter disappointment & an expensive meal.
#myfoodieadventureinSG #Singapore #travels #foodie #burpple #foodgasm #foodtrailSG #seafood #localdelights #localdishes #seafood #eatingismypassion #foodporn

Black Pepper Crab

One of Singapore's best known dishes.

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