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Reviews at Paddy Hills

Reviews of good food at Paddy Hills
Paddy Hills was still serving their progressive menu when we went last Sunday.

This was the Mediterranean Flatbread ($18++ iirc), which was sous vide chicken breast and a sunny side up on the flat bread, served with a few pieces of cauliflower and curried cauliflower fritter on the side. The sous vide chicken breast was excellent, super tender and had the same spiced flavour as the cauliflower fritter. I love the fritters but they could be more generous with it. The let down of this dish was the flatbread, which turned really hard and chewy as the dish cooled down.

Vegetarian Brunch at Paddy Hills

Tried the potato cake with cappuccino for brunch today: delicious with enticing food decor, foamy cappuccino with subtle sweetness with pretty floral design on it. I like the cozy ambience as well. The menu however does not have plenty enough of choices for vegetarian like me. Something that I felt disappointed of. I am sure it will attract more vegetarian, vegan alike, & health conscious customers if the menu is more vegan & vegetarian friendly, including gluten-free menu. Something that I think the restaurant can work more on.

Ready, set, Friyayyy!

Latte and the Yuzu Bubble the way to go. 💪🏼
#paddyhillssg #latte #yuzu

For Gorgeous Plates and Inspiring Cooking

Homey ambience aside (great for weekday tête-à-têtes with friends), this west side cafe once again makes our list for its delicious, totally Instagrammable plates and creative cooking. Just check out their much talked about Berry Muffcakes ($20). An upgraded version of their once famous berry ricotta hotcakes, the gorgeous plate sees slightly dense muffcakes (a cross between muffins and hotcakes) topped with vanilla bean ice cream cubes, fresh berries, and chocolate crumbs. It's tasty but also rich and sweet, so don't hesitate to share with a friend or two. Balance off the sugar with Paddy Hills' stellar mains like the 黑 Rice ($22), a wok hei infused dish of squid ink rice drizzled with mentaiko mayo and served with flavourful fried chicken and egg, or the Green Papa ($26), which sees handmade herbed pappardelle slicked in a robust tomato sauce and topped with foie gras stuffed meatballs. On hot days, eschew coffee for the refreshing Autumn Iced Tea ($8), which surprises with umeshu jelly. Pro tip: Tucked in a quiet residential estate, this cafe is quite a trek from the nearest Haw Par Villa MRT station. Spare yourself the sweat and take a cab.
Avg Price: $40 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Rachel Xie

Pink Rigatoni

Cacio e Pepe with lardo and Mentaiko ($25). Of course, no one forgets the cheese! LOVE THAT THEY DIDNT FILL THE WHOLE PLATE WITH CREAM yay! Just the right amount. SO GOOD.

Berry Muffcakes ($20)

I finally got to have a taste of the recommended and totally instaworthy Berry Muffcakes. I felt it was more of a muffin top served up like a pancake - texturally it was dense like pound cake, served with cubes of ice cream, berries and flowers. Not something I would order for breakfast (which is what my friend did) but quite nice for dessert!


Potato & Fish ($24)

A beautifully seared seabass served on a rosti topped with a perfectly fried egg (runny yolk and all). Other than it being slightly salty (probably from the capers), it was delicious.

Paddy Hills is tucked away in a quiet residential area but it can get pretty full around 11am on the weekend. Though on the slightly pricier side of brunch places, the food is delicious and portions are generous. I'll definitely be back!


Autumn Iced Tea ($8).

A quiet Friday evening, thinking about my dreadful trip to Switzerland next week and how I could make it better.
It's winter there now, and kinda wishing it'll be autumn, pretty like this refreshing drink I had during a tasting. It actually has umeshu jelly in it, and is only mild sweet with pure maple. Still largely a tea, and not a sweet syrup drink, so I enjoyed this.

Ramen Risotto

Currently craving ramen and it's bringing back memories of this rice-based interpretation. Slow-cooked in a pork bone broth, the al dente rice is packed with flavour, and comes accompanied by three thick discs of cha shu. I don't see this on the current menu, so I hope Paddy Hills brings this dish back soon!

New Menu launched

PH Crab Roll - A perfect harmony of blue swimmer crab and roe is generously enveloped within a squid ink bun.

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Green Papa

Herbed pappardelle pasta ensconced in a chunky, robust tomato sauce, served with meatballs. If you think those balls taste a little stronger than what you're used to, that's because they're made with foie gras. Uh huh. Paddy Hills always has to take everything pedestrian up a notch.

{Berries Muffcake}

A cross between a muffin and a hotcake, this is an improved version of its predecessor hotcake.

It's now more manageable to eat and share with two pieces instead of the one huge slab the last time, and still as fluffy as I remembered! Topped with an assortment of berries and vanilla ice cream, this is good for brunch or dessert even woohoo~

Berry Muffcake

Not quite hotcakes, and not quite muffins, but quite a happy compromise between the two.

Green Papa

Homemade pappardelle infused with herbs, tossed with tomato sauce and topped off with a load of grated pecorino, under which is buried a sous vide egg yolk and foie gras meat balls.

Becos it's #Fryday!

Nursing a bad cold and thinking about the Truffle Fries ($26) at #PaddyHillsSG.
Crispy fries topped with shavings of pecorino & black autumn truffle (5g). So addictive I think I ate 1/4 of the huge plate of fries. Ok, maybe 1/2? haha. #sorrynotsorry
PS: If you love #trufflefries, you got to order this. Available till 2 Jan 2017. While stocks last.
#paddyhills #ilovefries #instavideo #friesoverguys

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