All Sorts of Drinks

All Sorts of Drinks

Feeling thirsty? Head over to any of the shop in this list for some drinks.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

As we getting back to work in the office, CBD is getting more living once again.

Here we have a new takeaway cafe serving all sort of drinks, specialise with coffee and Japanese drinks.

A long queue forming outside during lunch time, and I gotten their signature matcha latte.

Strong flavour of matcha and milky taste. It won’t get too diluted even with the ices.

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Whenever you crave for some authentic matcha, Maccha House offered a wide range of matcha in drinks and dessert to satisfy your craving.

Here I have the matcha drink topped with matcha ice cream and shiratama, a type of mochi using glutinous rice flour.

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A popular drinking spot at Changi Village, with wide range of drinks to choose from.

Once you made your order, head over to the drink area to collect yours. You will see a row of tap which they get your drink from.

For the non-alcohol drinks, they also have a few refreshing choices like this one. Taste very sweet indeed.

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The list of coconut drink stalls in Singapore continue to expand, with Super Coconut being the latest one you can find in a few places.

Specialise with original and fruity choices of coconut shake, I decide to go for the strongest taste with durian flavour.

I could taste it is very creamy and milky, with the mix flavours of durian and coconut; but not too overwhelming.

Wanted to try their specialty drinks but sadly it wasn’t available when I was here, so I go with this instead.

I enjoyed the sweetness from the drink as I stir and mixed it with the Nutella inside.

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While you could enjoy some coffee shop style of vegetarian foods here, there’s also this drink stall at the same place selling drinks like coffee, tea, bubble tea and this one.

Hero & Co actually served this non-alcoholic beer which taste rather sweet and you could enjoy without worrying too much.

If not, go for their coffee or tea that use oat instead of the usual fresh milk.

Here we are with another bubble tea brand coming from Taiwan, located at the side of China Square near to Telok Ayer MRT Station.

This is one of their signature drink, since they carry their brand on the naming of the drink as well.

With shades of grey in the drink, which they added bamboo charcoal and fresh milk.

You could taste the hint of charcoal but not too strong.

Beside the pastries and other food options, they also served drinks as well. The flag white is pretty simple as what you could expected for its taste.

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Not stranger to Singapore coffee scene, Tiong Hoe has call this place a home since 2014 and expanded their brand to different part of Singapore.

Nestled under HDB in this neighbourhood, you could see they actually roasting their coffee bean on-site at the next door.

Their mocha taste strong with the taste and I enjoy it a lot to kickstart my morning.

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Their Bombay Chai Latter comes in super creamy and strong spice taste.

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Here I am with another cup of coconut drink. Coconut Queen is also another new brand that started to open a few outlets around Singapore.

One interesting item on the menu would be this King of Lemon, made with special blend of green lemons airflows from oversea; making it more fragrant and super refreshing.

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We are getting more coconut drink stall now! It is probably a good news if you are tired with the usual bubble tea. So CocoBoss is one of them and they have a few outlets across the island.

The OG Coconut is the original taste. You can choose your sugar level, and what kind of coconut meat you prefer in the drink; which is either in bits or chunky.

If you prefer to drink them easily, I would recommend you to go with bits. As it blended smoothly in the drink with tiny coconut bits.


Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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