All Sorts of Drinks

All Sorts of Drinks

Feeling thirsty? Head over to any of the shop in this list for some drinks.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

One of the talking point in town now would definitely be this place that constantly attracting queue in front of the shop, with everyone lining up patiently to get their turn to make order at the counter.

Well, since you have spent time queueing, then you would need a drink to cheer yourself up.

This place offered a wide range of drinks such as this refreshing matcha lemonade. Available in either medium or small size.

Warabimochi bites has added to the drink for some texture as you sip on your matcha lemonade.

There’s very limited tables available in the shop, with only 3 of them with chairs. It was fully occupied when I came here on weekend morning.

But the staff is nice enough to provide me a cup of their chocolate soft serve to enjoy while waiting in the line.

I went for something different this time, the cortado is a a Spanish beverage consisting of espresso mixed with a roughly equal amount of warm milk to reduce the acidity. Which is a coffee name that usually won’t appear in much of the coffee shop here.

It is very rich but as it said, not so acidity.

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The Shelter is a store selling clothing and merchandise, but most people come here to enjoy their foods and drinks also.

You know the weather has been very hectic these few days, so this air-conditioned shop is the perfect place to hide from this hot weather outside.

That’s the reason I choose to go for something refreshing with their grapefruit oolong. A cold brew oolong over house-made grapefruit purée.

However I didn’t taste much of the oolong taste in the drink. But more with the grapefruit purée.

It seems like my neighbourhood at Ang Mo Kio is getting hype, with recently see this small coffee shop opened at Cheng San area.

The shop is located in a very unique place, occupied a small space at the side of the HDB block’s staircase. A sofa seat is available at the front.

I gotten the iced mocha, which I find it pretty strong with the taste as it mixed with coffee and chocolate.

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A very interesting name for a cup of white coffee. It is actually double ristretto topped up with milk in a 5oz cup.

Alternative milk options with oat or soy is available.

I believe most people would come here for a cup of hot chocolate that come straight from the tap.

You get to choose either 45%, 60% or 70%, depending on the bitterness of chocolate you want.

Sadly I find my hot chocolate wasn’t hot enough. So it get cold eventually.

It is also very rich with the taste but still bearable with the bitterness at 60%.

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A quiet coffee place on level 4 of One Raffles Place over the weekend, when all the busy weekdays CBD crowds are not here.

Going through their menu and found this Okinawa Latte, which I won’t find it in many places here.

It used the type of brown sugar from Okinawa region.

This building used to be the badminton hall before they moved elsewhere. It is currently under renovation when I was here. But the coffee shop in the front continue to operate.

The coffee shop also used to be another brand and has since replaced by Vernacular Coffee with a very minimalist dark interior.

Specialise with their coffee and pastry. I find it interesting is that you get to choose the type of coffee beans here to go for your choice of coffee.

The front staff would explain the selection so you can decide which one to choose.

For a less acidic, I went for the coffee bean comes from Indonesia.

Found this hidden coffee shop at Telok Kurau as I was searching for some coffee around this neighbourhood.

You could totally missed out this place, considering there’s no visible signage and the shop is actually located at the side of the building. So you need to spot the direction board at the side of the road, directly opposite the Parkway East Hospital.

Naked Espresso actually originated from Melbourne, so this is where the coffee brand sourced from.

It is a very small shop here, with the seating area mostly outside along the alleyway. Only a few tables and chairs available.

Housed under the heritage industrial building at Tai Seng, surprisingly a very peaceful vibe on Sunday morning.

Here for a cup of warm mocha to begin my day.

Even though they are located in this industrial area, need a bit of walk from the nearest bus stop. It doesn’t not stop people coming on the weekend for a cup of coffee.

Almost full house when I was here on Saturday afternoon. And you would immediately find yourself in a room filled with good coffee bean fragrance.

I went for something sweet in the coffee with the mocha. And interestingly they served it in actually coffee, but added with a big scoop of chocolate ice cream.

So it sweetness from the chocolate ice cream will slowly blend into the drink, as it melt.

A coffee stand situated at the office building foyer of Fraser Tower, with a few of tables available for dine-in.

But I would see most people would drop by for takeaway coffee before heading to their office in the morning.

This place is opened by passionate barista using their own sourced coffee bean to blend for the coffee selections here.

Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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