Korean Dessert Cafe specialised on Bingsu(Shaved Milk Ice)

313 Orchard Road
#04-20/32 [email protected]
Singapore 238895

11:30am - 10:30pm

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11:30am - 10:30pm



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This is the place that claimed my virgin bingsu experience years ago and set the bar so high that I've yet to find an equal. Even my elitist Korean BFF - who scoffs at any establishment in Singapore purporting to be aunthentically Korean - had to eat her words and admit that the bingsu served here is just as good (if not better) than those in renowned Korean cafes.

Having patronized O'ma Spoon regularly over the past few years, I've sampled almost the entire bingsu menu and would personally crown the Green Tea Bingsu as champion. Each bowl comes with a mountain of milky shaved ice that melts immediately upon contact with one's tongue. With a generous scoop of creamy matcha ice cream nestled on a bed of azuki paste and topped with a smattering of mixed nuts, this is as impressive as it gets!
I strongly urge all of you to just spam the condensed milk! Don't worry about it dripping over the edge, you can easily get more at the counter!

Though the Injeolmi appears to be the top-seller, it's not really to my liking. Though the lightly salted powder goes well with the sweet icy base, my only gripe is that the soy bean powder gets into my airways constantly, ensuring that I choke and cough violently no less than 3 times per visit. Furthermore, the injeolmi gets a little sickening after the first few bites. And as time passes, the mixture of powder and half-melted ice assumes a viscous clumpy texture that puts one off.

To conclude, there's nothing more satisfying than coming here after an epic shopping sesh around the surrounding boutiques with your girlfriends! That way, each bingsu can be shared (as per the norm), making the experience so much sweeter.

The bingsu from O'ma Spoon is truly one of the best I've ever tried in Singapore. Each bowl comes with a mountain of creamy shaved ice, and condensed milk by the side which is free-flow from the counter. The ice here is so finely shaved and does not melt easily. Loved the toppings that accompanied the shaved ice as well ☺️

Always gone back to oma spoon for oreo bingsu because its affordable and what could go wrong with oreos amirite??😂 Well finally decided to try this berry yoghurt bingsu and it was super good💯 omg if ure a fan of cereal, do give this a try with a friend or two☺️👍🏻

O'ma spoon never disappoints! Prices are a little steep for dessert, but we are always left SOOOO satisfied after every visit. Worth the occasional indulgence!

Highly recommend the classic injeolmi. They are consistently generous with the soybean powder so that's a huge plus.

First time I see a bingsu that has my favourite caramelised cookies! I guess this and oreos will never go wrong 😂😁😋

Really love the matcha flavour and I forgot the pricing so... I think it was around $12 and I shared it with my 3 friends after our dinner 😊 the iljeomi is good too but it doesn't come with a scoop of ice cream! Personally I dislike red bean cos they usually have this powdery texture that coats your tongue but their red bean is really smooth and sweet! The roasted almonds gives a nice crunch! You can get extra cup of condense milk to make it as sweet as you like! I like 2 cups on mine 😊 honestly I feel this is better than the 24 hour one in Bugis

It's pretty good but I prefer the honey butter toast at Numsongyee which is opens 24/7. But the honey butter toast is more expensive. Around $12.90? O'Ma spoon's injeolmi toast cost $8.90 and I still think it's a little pricey :,)

The rich matcha taste went well with the red beans & almonds. Not sure if it's worth the price but def a good way to beat the heat in sunny S'pore ⭐️ 3.5/5 ⭐️
📍@omaspoon, 313 Somerset, #04-20/32, S238895

•Best dessert to cool off from the hot weather!
•Is a milky bingsu! Those milky fans definitely will fall in love in this bingsu!
•Their bingsu portion can be share around 2 to3 person.

One of the nicest bingsus I have tried! It had generous amounts of matcha powder dusting the shaven ice, redbean, sprinkle of sliced almonds and cashews, and lastly, topped with a scoop of green tea ice-cream. It came with a side of condensed milk as well. The ice-cream wasn't superb, but the matcha taste was distinct, and the ice was extremely fine and smooth, making it not necessary to add too much milk. The milk was less viscous as compared to normal condensed milk. Mixing the redbean, nuts and matcha powder with the ice is really tasty! Digging further into the bowl, you would find traces of matcha layering the ice(meaning to say they put 1 layer of ice, drizzle of matcha, followed by more ice). I thought that was pretty awesome as the matcha taste was distinctive.

Rate: 3/10
I didn't enjoy it and definitely won't come back. There are better bingsu out there that's worth the money. :)

🌼Rate: 4/10
Definitely did not enjoy this as much as the choco brownie bingsu. I guess is becoz of the powdered milo (?) that they pour over and the nuts. The nuts overtook the flavor of the oreo with juz one bite and wasn't satisfying for me. Same goes for the powdered milo. Didn't enjoy my bingsu this time round :(

Om'a Spoon just launched a new Yuzu series! Loved how the tinge of sourness from the yuzu, which prevents the milky dessert from being cloyingly sweet. Great dinner, great dessert, great company. A much-needed catchup 😻😻😻

You'll be pampered with rich yummies like Korean Honey Yuzu, Honey Glazed Citron Peel, Green Tea Rice Cake, Crunchy Nuts & of course my favorite - Signature Injeolmi Powder 😋

Yummy bingsoo, filling and love the milky taste! Good portion for sharing 😋

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