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Nesuto, translating to “nest” in Japanese, symbolises home and family. It aims to bring the feeling of comfort, peace, and rest to every customers who step into its doors. Helmed by Head Pastry Chef Alicia Wong, Nesuto serves cakes and entremet made using quality and premium ingredients directly imported from France and Japan.

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Yummy fluffy cake with raspberry chantilly, vanilla Soufflé sponge, Raspberry bits and light yuzu mousse. Sweet and citrusy at the same time. Real good. We like it.

Some treat for self after surviving sept. Wanted to try the matcha cake but its sold out. This dark choc cake was good too!

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Back to Nesuto after a long while and the quality has dropped tremendously. The buttercream for the Chestnut Vanilla-Brandy Gateaux ($11.90) was very reminscent of the old-school buttercream taste that leaves this sick, oily and cloying aftertaste. The cake was nothing to shout about.

Also ordered a Yuzu Raspberry ($11.90) and was equally meh..

Both cakes were honestly that of neighbourhood bakeries (no diss, each to their own’s) but honestly expecting more because of its premium pricetag. These cakes are not light at all, just artificial and really heavy. (with the additional weight of my guilt consuming calories that could be spent elsewhere).

Guess I can now walk past Nesuto without clamouring to go in anymore… adieu~

We have been fans of nesuto since they opened and they have gotten so much popular! Be prepared to queue for a table even on weekday evenings. Unfortunately their prices have gone up pretty much as well, definitely miss the times when there was still burpple beyond. Nevertheless the quality makes up for it. The hojicha flavour is pretty rich while the cake is light and fluffy. We thought the cream might be a bit too much even for us cream lovers but we still enjoyed it pretty much.

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It’s my fourth visit in 2 years! I note that the cake selections has changed from the first few visits. There appears to be a lot more entrements now. This visit, we tried the Hojicha cake. Compared to Hvala’s hojicha cake, Nesuto’s rendition came in a bigger slice and much creamier. The intensity of Hojicha is comparable to Hvala’s, perhaps slightly less ‘earthy’ because of the cake-to-cream ratio. Nesuto’s version has an added layer of white whipped cream - it was light, fluffy and provided a good balance cutting through taste of Hojicha. At >$10 per slice, the cakes at Nesuto are definitely costly but yet in a way, justify the price point given the quality ingredients and technique in the making of each cake. This is by far my next favourite, aside to the Lychee rose cake I had in my previous visit


The hot chocolate is average at best.

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