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Had the chance to try Datuk Wong roast pork and it was amazing! Crispness of the skin and the fattiness of the meat burst like flavour crystals when you chew on it. The sauce from the meat goes well with rice. One plate is not enough.
Watching Datuk Wong cut his meat to great proportions was nice to watch. The size is really quite right.
Do queue early as they sell out fast and servings take long. Check out the back alley where the good pork is made.

This is one of the signature dishes - yes, recommended

Although personally, I’ve tasted a better version of this

The prawns are chunky (would be better if they clean the inards) but there’s an aftertaste due to not thoroughly clean (for some sensitive eater)

A zen place for pork chop ramen with slight tea taste in the soup? I kinda enjoyed it. .

I love a fried chicken with crispy & flavourful skin. This time we had the sampler with 12 pieces of mixed wings and drumstick to get the taste of all the flavours that they had. Whats your favourite flavour? 🤗
🍗Kyochon Mixed Wings (RM32): In this sampler, they provide us with the red pepper, soy and honey flavour. The honey ones were not overly sweet, soy was alright (can’t really taste the soy) I prefer the soy ones in 4fingers and lastly, the red pepper one was the best out of all. I expected it to be like super duper spicy but the spiciness was bearable 🤭 from my favourite to least is: red pepper, honey, soy. If yore a first timer, you can try this first ⭐️8/10
📍Kyochon Malaysia @mykyochon (1 Utama, Pavillion, Sunway Pyramid, MyTown, Sky Avenue Genting, Setia City Mall, IPC, IOI)

Roasted pork (siew yoke/ sio bak/ 烧肉) ranks as one of my favourite dishes and I’ll go all out to try a good version of it. Finally made my way down to Pudu to try this legendary place.

Wong Mei Kee is touted as one of the best roasted pork places in KL. It’s colloquially known as Datuk roasted pork as its owner has been conferred a Datukship. Datuk Wong is the man behind the show where he does almost everything himself from marinating to roasting to chopping the meat. Diners wait patiently for the food to be served at 12.30pm.

I was thoroughly impressed by the roasted pork (RM 17/ person). It was roasted in charcoal. The crackling was spectacularly crispy and there was a good fat to meat ratio. It was amazing how the meat remained so tender, flavourful and moist. Servings were rather generous as the roasted pork was cut into thick chunks. I chowed down the whole plate with much delight.

Was confused what they meant by fried potatoes but it turned out to be crispy hash browns, which worked brilliantly with the gooey egg.
The sandwiches here are huge so prepare to make a mess!
PS. They provide gloves so make use of that to avoid getting your hands dirty.

If only I work near Pudu, I’ll be stopping by this cute little shack every morning for a wholesome breakfast.
Fluffy charcoal toasts stuffed to the brim with sweet and spicy chicken floss, omelette, cheese and vegetables. I can have this for breakfast, lunch and dinner!