[CLOSED] Men-Ichi Japanese Ramen (NEX)

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Was surprisingly nice.

The broth is so addictive, and so garlicky.

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shoyu broth was decent, flavorful but fairly standard. their thin noodles weren’t very satisfactory — felt like the noodles didn’t adequately soak up the flavor of the broth and tasted a bit like yellow noodles. the texture was a little soft and the noodles didn’t have a good chew. char siew was, gladly, soft and tender (although a bit too soft and broke apart too quickly. bamboo shoots (menma) weren’t great and egg was average.

overall, pretty mediocre, but nevertheless a comforting bowl of ramen. bonus is that you do get a free noodle upsize (although i didn’t really discern a substantial increase in noodle portion) and service is fast.

$13.50++ | 4/10 ⭐️

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My favourite dish during last evening's Mentaiko Madness was this rich and milky ramen containing pork bone and chicken broth brewed over high heat for over 10 hours.
The ramen was already good on its own, and made even better with addition of mentaiko. This gives it a spicy umami burst of flavours each time you bite into these mentaiko containing real cod roe.
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I never realise that there is this ramen place that I can have a relatively good lunch. The Mini Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen with Tenshinhan Set (S$16.90) comes also with a 3-piece gyoza side dish that isn't really so much to rave about, but I really like the broth of the ramen because it did not taste like other tonkotsu broth that I had drunk elsewhere. Their Tenshinhan (天津飯) did not disappoint me too because the sauce is really on the right note.


Price: S$16.90 (+ 1.50 to add garlic oil)

Tried 3 different ramen + rice bowl + gyoza sets (thanks to friends) because each set features a different kind of ramen broth and rice bowl. Basically, everything was great. The different kinds of broth were equally creamy and savory. The rice bowls were also on point. They are definitely dishes that could stand on their own.

The gyoza were not the best out there, but they got 2 out of 3 which already exceeds expectations considering it's a set.


Free bowl of Japanese pearl rice with every regular ramen ordered during weekday lunch. I got their house special chashu ramen in tonkutsu soup, and add on $5 for gyoza. The yolk of the onsen egg wasn't runny enough to my liking. Table has free flow of seasonings and hard boiled eggs so feel free to customise your meal! Go when you are super hungry. I just wish there's a choice of noodles.