Pop by here for late brunch as I was nearby and was lucky to get a seat without reservations!

Wasn’t particularly hungry but had my eyes on their Big Breakfast so decided to share it with my friend and damn was this dish goood 🤙🏼

The scrambled eggs weren’t particularly fluffy but was decently creamy without being runny, tater tots were crisp despite being left on the plate for a rather long time and the sautéed mushrooms were utterly juicy and flavourful. Kurobuta Pork Sausage and applewood smoked bacon were great too but special shout-out to the sourdough, no idea what they did to it but it was lightly charred, spots a nice crisp and simple amazing ✨

The Roast Beef Dip showcases a medium rare roast beef, horseradish cream and provolone cheese sandwiched between 2 ciabatta. Initially I felt like a barbarian eating this, since it seemed uncultured to eat cold medium rare beef that has no seasoning to it, with bread. Things took a turn though, when I dipped the entire sandwich into the beef broth which was brimming with flavours. Both components on its own was pretty mediocre, but their marriage took things to a different level and I wouldn't mind ordering this again!

Rumour has it that once brunch has been consumed, you can be overtaken by the need to go back to bed again. So keep the rest of your day free of activities so that you can go back home to reunite with your bed. 😂

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Haven't had brunch in ages and I was glad this was my first stop after my brunch hiatus.

Went with the PBD Big Breakfast which was probably for sharing seeing as to how the tables around me featured couples and friends sharing it, while I ordered it with the intention of solo consumption. What a glutton.

Anyhoo, the portion was pretty monstrous, featuring 2 mini ricotta hotcakes with unfathomable fluffiness that'll leave you pointing at it aggressively, signalling your dining partner to give it a try. I love the sunny, yellow, citrusy curd atop it, which gives some fresh respite amidst all the fried, greasy food surrounding it. The yellow cloud of a scrambled egg has a creamy consistency without being too runny, would have been great if there were some pepper dashed on it. The bacon, tater tots were pretty textbook but the sausage was delicious! Soft and tender with herbs thrown in its mix, I am willing to pay ala carte prices to add on more if there were.

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These souffle pancakes were extremely fluffy, akin to eating clouds, I mean, they better be since I waited so long for them. As someone with a sweet tooth, I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself favouring the Egg Benedicts pancake over their Berries ones. Despite having a mountain of cream served on the latter, it was not cloyingly sweet since it was pretty light on the palate. As for the Egg Benedict pancakes, 1 of it was served with salmon, while the other was with prawns. It was pretty textbook though, nothing much to shoutabout but still worth a try at least!

This might just be the most “brunch looking dish” on the table. The Toast Skagenrora comprises of a Garlic Thick Toast piled with cheese, Shrimp Chunks, Mayo, Creme Fraiche, Horseradish, Mustard and Tobiko Roe. They certainly did not scrimp on the shrimps, as you were almost promised 1 with every bite. Despite being left out for a while, the toast remains crispy and I welcome the the change in texture. Accompanying this was a side of extremely creamy scrambled eggs and rustic salad which completes the meal.

Finally got to try Korio after seeing them popped up all over my feed! Enjoyed their breakfast sammy thoroughly - it was so power packed with ingredients I felt full after having just half of it 🤣

It’s a tad too pricey for me to have it as a frequent indulgence so I shall save it for when I’m feeling bougee ✨

Definitely worth a try though!

Always at a loss on what to start off with when I order the Signature set from Brera, and after finally having come up with a plan of attack, I'd have to just go with my gut feel again cause some 'rat' at home would have swiped out some of the pastries that I wanted to try.

Layered with butter and spotting the succession of folds that's a distinctive profile of classic croissants, you'd find their croissants light, airy and shatteringly crisp after heating up, with a deeply caramelized buttery flavor. If you'd like an added omph, they offer them in both sweet (Almond) and savoury options which are equally good as well!

Situated not far away from Lola's Cafe is The Breakfast Club, which serves up brunch offerings all day, adding on to the competition for Lola given its very reasonable price tag. Spotting a name like that, one can't walk away without ordering their brunch items, which was what me and my friends did. While very affordably priced, I can't say their Breakfast Plate is the best brunch out there. Loaded with the classic ensemble of breakfast food such as scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms, bratwurst and french toast which you could swapped for pancakes, this was pretty decent fare, with nothing much to shoutabout.

Have long heard that this place is a 老字号, but never had the chance to be anywhere near the vicinity. Gotta thanks @sengkanggroupbuy for bringing them in!

This fragrant and flavourful glutinous rice is one of the better ones I’ve tried, with the portion being just nice for lunch. If you know of any place that serves nice glutinous rice, send them my way! 🤗

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Light, flaky pastry perfect for anytime of the day. Beneath the outer shell that gives way to a flurry of golden crumbs with every bite, lies the light and soft dough within, with semi-sweet melted chocolate pooling at the base. I gave the cruffins a few turns, coating the interior entirely with melted chocolate and my day is made! These were really tasty and I ended up with chocolate streaks down my hands even after coating the interior because they were that generous with the chocolate.⁣

Pain Au Chocolate⁣
A traditional pastry, the pain au chocolat is a yeasted puff pastry dough wrapped around chocolate 'batons', and in this case, 3 sticks of premium CacaoBarry chocolate bar, promising you chocolate goodness with every bite. They were the atas bread (cause i couldn't read them heh) I went for when I was a kid, when I stepped into the bakery and didn't quite feel like a chocolate sprinkles donut.⁣

My least favourite of the lot. It was pretty dense and dry and I would recommend you pair it with jam rather than eating it on its own.⁣

The bakes here should come with a warning, as once you have tasted them, you won't settle for pale, flabby neighbourhood pastries again.

Boasting a light, airy and shatteringly crisp (after heating it up, that is), with a strong buttery flavor, you could tell these croissants are a labor of love and definitely worth the calories. From plain croissant, to sweet (Almond) and savoury (Triple Cheese Ham) options, they pretty much covered all grounds and did exceedingly well at it.⁣

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