A delightful glass of wine was selected by Claudine’s Sommelier Geoffrey before digging into the delightful dishes by Chef Julian and Chef Jeanette.

Back at Claudine for their new lunch set - 2 Course ($62) and 3 Course ($78) - that’s available on Tuesdays to Fridays between 11:45am to 2pm.

Carefully curated menu with a selection of starters, mains and desserts, here’s what you can expect for the current Lunch Hour Menu which will run till 5 Oct.

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The riveting visual that transport us to the beach is soon followed by first course, Gyeojache. Made of fresh tuna and cuttlefish sashimi served with lemon mustard dressing, avocado cream, and vegetable crunch, it whet your appetite for the next dish.

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Episode 3 at NAE:UM (neh-uhm), Chef Louis Han took us on a “road trip” to the Korea peninsula coastal line. Inspired by the flavours of the sea, the eight-course meal begin with a beautiful starter platter - honghab (mussel), songeo (trout), saewoo kkang (shrimp) and aljjim (egg) - completed with corals and mini crabs.

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Chocolate & Hazelnut Bûche de Noël as we end our meal. Layers of chocolate mousse and Hazelnut Dacquoise encased in chocolate glaze, accompanied by Gianduja Ice Cream, this was divine~ So much so that we were gushing over it with every bite.


Chilean Seabass served with Maine Lobster, part of the Festive 4-course menu @dbbistrosing for this weekend. Love the buttery-rich flavour and firm texture of Chilean Seabass served with classic French Sauce Américaine for a more robust taste.

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A contemporary rendition of local sliced fish soup with ingredients prepared from scratch.

Prepared with freshly poached seabass from Ah Hua Kelong, they used superior fish stock fortified with homemade anchovy buttermilk sauce. Topped with slices of compressed bitter gourd, cherry tomatoes and egg floss, creating belly-warming soup.

Pricing for Dinner:
4-course menu at $76++ per pax
6-course menu at $98++ per pax

Having a toast 🥂 overlooking a stunning Marina Bay, @vuesingapore offers an epicurean dining experience. From taking a sip of their signature VIE Royale to savouring chef-driven menu which features binchōtan grilled specialities in the midst of their grand dining hall.

Start off the evening digging into the Squid Ink & Orient Clam Tempura paired with smoked eel emulsion, Amera Tomato and Sea Urchin. The ingredients combined together in a vibrant chorus makes it a lip-smacking good appetizer.

P.S: VUE is currently open for dinner from Mon to Fri, from 6 pm to 10:45 pm. Lunch service is slated to commence in Jan 2020.

LewinTerrace has launched Oh!Matcha dessert buffet, with exquisitely crafted dessert made from scratch using premium grade Japanese matcha. Chef de Cuisine Hiroyuki Shinkai will create them in-house daily. Trays of irresistible treats such as Warabimochi, Matcha Tiramisu, Matcha Swiss Roll Cake, Matcha Madeleine and more. The list is just exhaustive!

Indulge in these matcha desserts to your heart content at $38++ per pax or choose to top it up in a 3-course exclusive set lunch at $58++ with mains such as Chicken Breast with Gourmand Sauce or Sword Fish with Green Olive Paste.

Oh! Matcha Dessert Buffet will be available from now till 31 Aug 2018, on Tuesdays to Fridays from 1 pm to 3 pm. You may wish to call 63339905 or email to reserve@lewinterrace.com.sg to reserve first!

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Congrats to @odetterestaurant and another fantastic year for the team! Can't wait to see what they might dish out.

In meantime, let's savour their Signature Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg. Sous vide at precise 65.3 degrees celsius for 55 minute, just to get the perfect thick yet runny egg. Mixed in with smoked potato syphon, chorizo iberico and crunchy buckwheat, imparts a rich flavour that made us go gaga over!


This year we stay in town so we made a reservation at Odette, a two-star Michelin restaurant. Ushered into a private dining room, we were awestruck by the simple yet elegant interior and cos we weren't expecting it.

Various amuse-bouche served and one that delights us all was the Mushroom Tea, a concoction of ceps sabayon topped with wild mushroom broth. Earthy broth paired with buttery brioche, we soon polished them off.

Highlight of the day was that we met @chef_julien! Though sadly we have forgotten to ask for a photo together.

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This amuse-bouche has a misshapen crispy brown ball filled with curried crab paste perched atop an empty flower crab shell. Not the burning spicy kind of paste that will burn your tongue but just enough kick for that oomph.

No Seabass that day so it was replaced with Turbot, a decent sized fillet that is medium firm in texture. Pan-seared fillet complement with herbs and verbena sauce, will leave you wanting more.

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