Big-ass platter for 2 with half slab babyback ribs, half slab spare ribs, beer-battered onion rings, smoked butter mash, grilled glazed pineapple, and pilaf rice (originally garden greens, asked to change)

Opted for garlic and hickory for the sauces, and I must say, hickory all the wayyyy. Other was too garlicky to my liking. Enjoyed their fall-off-the-bone ribs nonetheless


📍 Morganfield's
1 Vista Exchange Green, 02-23, Singapore 138617
Floor 1 · The Star Vista

#burpplesg #morganfields

Brotzeit is no stranger for their meat dishes. Ordered their platter of a small selection of Nürnberger sausages (farmer’s, thuringer, and spicy chicken), served with red cabbage, pickle, sauerkraut and roast potatoes. Personally liked the thuringer with its herby taste; rest were average

Would’ve ordered their pork knuckle also if they have a smaller portion 🙃

Good for sharing and good fix for random sausage cravings


📍 Brotzeit German Beer Bar and Restaurant - VivoCity
1 HarbourFront Walk, 01-149 VivoCity, Singapore 098585

#burpplesg #brotzeit


Served together with spiced squash, chickpeas and lamb jus, is this fall-off-the-bone lamb shank. The meat is cooked perfectly and prolly the most tender lamb I have tried. While eating it with the squash and chickpea tends to push the taste to the sweeter side, the roasted baby potatoes on the side gives it another dimension creating a more balanced flavour profile

Enjoyed this dish a lot, should be one of their best sellers lol


📍 Café Fleur
5893 Enriquez, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

#cafefleurph #burppleph

Ordered just for texture contrast. Again, nothing special. This was served last, btw

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Both sides are good for 1-2 pax. Nothing special though the potatoes were served really creamy. The asparagus is a bit overcooked to my liking. Would have enjoyed it better if it was served together with the mains (or just a few mins earlier), as the potatoes have become a bit clumpy already when the steak was served

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To be fair, we have ordered the cheapest steak cut so the expectations couldn’t be too high. But this didn’t make the cut 🥲 requested med rare for the doneness and got it, but it’s small (ordered 200g), thick, and dry. It was served with an oven-roasted garlic which made it a bit enjoyable, but still not redeeming. As the atas version of Aston’s, was expecting the food to be better too, but 🤷🏻‍♀️ also, waiting time is too long (prolly >1h)

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This was the first item served and it was not bad at all. It kind of set the expectation, which just went down the hill. This was served with truffle butter. One bread for each main ordered

Ordered wine to feel celebratory 😂 this is a full-bodied wine which would have paired nicely with our steak

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My go-to stall in Alexandra Food Village for 4-5 years now.

These two orders - Crispy Pork Belly Noodle ($4) and Crispy Pork Belly on Rice ($3.50) - are my usuals (I order and eat both in one meal lol, big eater). The roast meat is always served with crispy skin and on good days, with a good skin-fat-meat ratio. Taste is good though leaning on the salty side at times. As for the noodles, it’s cooked al dente with perfect seasoning. Their sauce is notable too - salty and spicy!

(Second photo) there’s a note that they’ll be discontinuing service of current menu on 27th Feb (so last day tmr to try if haven’t yet!), and will be back with a low carb menu in April.

Probably the best beef I’ve tasted so far. Melt-in-your-mouth goodness. I can’t wait to try it again

For most of our gatherings (even random dinners at home lol), we usually have this 3kg lechon belly ($120) from Don Lechon present. I know price is quite high, but for us who adore this crispy, juicy, and flavourful slab of pork, it’s a very good price to pay. It comes with a homemade sauce which pairs really well with the meat too!

Do note that the crunchiness is well-kept even if it is only delivered 🤤

Had this SmokeShack ($11.60) delivered and it came in a very sturdy box (even better than most of our Shopee purchase boxes lol) with big enough room for the ~precious~ burger.

This is always top of mind if I want to get some fast, juicy, greasy burger. Love the cherry peppers - could be overpowering for some, but most of the time, the amount is just nice for the spice/sour taste to blend in together with the rest of the components. Bacon, of course, is good, though not notable. Would eat this interchangeably with their usual ShackBurger 👌🏻

Our go-to yakiniku place! We always opt for Tajimaya’s Premium Wagyu Buffet (from $58.90++). Price is slightly on the higher side if you’re just looking for a bbq place, but for other Jap bbq places, I think the price range is normal. The wagyu beef selection for the buffet is limited, but we always bulk order on the wagyu short ribs which is really tender and melts good while grilling on charcoal.

The garlic rice is worth mentioning as well - really aromatic, savoury, and also consistently good throughout our visits.

Bacon lover! 🥓 🇵🇭|🇲🇾|🇸🇬|🌎 IG: @reemuuh.eats

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