Happy National Day! πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

It’s just apt to have one of the uniquely Singaporean dishes today. Opted for my go-to breakfast combo: no-fail Kaya Toast with Teh C, and siew mai. I would’ve preferred to have a non-packaged siew mai next time, but this will do πŸ˜‹


πŸ“ 118 Depot Lane Kopitiam

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Had this after 2+ years, and price is still the same but the taste has changed. The sauce, though generous, is too watered down. Didn’t feel any salt or spice kick. Chicken is still crispy though πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

πŸ“Ming Xiang
120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, 01-32, Singapore 150120

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Really good beef dish - looks and tastes like it has been braised for long hours. The meat is not tough at all; it’s fragrant and very savoury. The noodles are also quite springy. Served with crunchy kailan

Do take note of the long queue on weekdays (from offices nearby)

πŸ“ Wong Kee Wanton Noodle
Yue Hua Food Court 108 Depot Rd, Singapore 100108

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I personally like my carrot cake sweet with charred hints and this dish checks both boxes. Love that it’s not over filled with egg batter as well. Reco to try this stall if you’re in Zion - very easy to spot with the long queue

πŸ“ Lau Goh Teochew Chye Thow Kway
70 Zion Rd, Singapore 247792
Floor 1 Β· Zion Riverside Food Centre

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Full of flavor wok hei goodness. No wonder this stall is very famous in Zion (you can see from the long queue - I suggest to come early as they take early orders too 😁).

Arguably one of the best kway teows I’ve tasted. You are served with a big-ass portion of slightly charred noodles plus generous toppings of cockles, Chinese sausage, and lard; all of which contributing to the good textural difference.

They serve in 3 sizes ($5/$6/$8) and I have opted for a medium one and it was a struggle to finish, as it’s huge! Can be shared by 2 if you’re not so hungry πŸ˜‹

Overall will reco to try if you’re in the area :)


πŸ“ No. 18 Zion Road Fried Kway Teow
70 Zion Rd, 01-17 Zion Riverside Food Centre, Singapore 247792

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I can’t believe that my last visit was in 2019 😳 still love this BCM stall. The prices have gone up a bit (from 3-5 to 4-6) but still on a very acceptable range.

The preparation is still as meticulous as ever - I really admire the owner’s focus while cooking. Serving is still generous, not just on the noodles, but on the toppings. Same as before, the mushroom is a big highlight on the dish, very well braised

One thing I noticed though is that the noodles don’t seem to be the same as before - seems to be a bit thicker and not as springy. But would still reco :)


πŸ“Lian Kee
120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, Singapore 150120

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Silky soya + syrup which has the right amount of sweetness (less sweeter than PH’s taho). Perfect to warm up our tummies before having the rest of our lunch πŸ˜‹

πŸ“ House of Soya Beans
70 Zion Rd, 01-11, Singapore 247792

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Just had to with all the chicken shortage news. Loljk. One of our lunch go-tos in the neighbourhood. Meat is moist and tender, could be more generous with the equally good skin tho. Rice is oiled lightly but still flavourful. This is served with a bowl of chicken broth (actually quite decent too) and 2 crispy slices of cucumber.

Serving is a bit small but good enough for a quick lunch


πŸ“ Southern Roasted Delights ε—ζ–Ήηƒ§θ…Š
118 Depot Ln, Singapore 109754

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This is one of the few open stalls when we dropped by the area. Smell from the store is really inviting - grilled and smoky

Ordered 25 sticks of pork and chicken, and enjoyed both! Pork has a sweet hint which made it reminiscent to PH’s pork skewers. Chicken is marinated and grilled nicely - can be paired really well with the peanut sauce

They have chicken wings as well but didn’t get to try this time

πŸ“ABC Satay Chicken Wing
6 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-107 ABC Brickworks Market and Food Centre, Singapore 150006

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Photo is slightly dated as they do not serve in claypots anymore (noticed they actually removed the claypot from their signage). However, the laksa ($5.5 for medium) taste & look still remain the same for me - still has the right amount of heat and cream from the sauce. Though the sauce is thinner compared to other stalls, the flavor is still packed and not at all compromised.

BUUUT note to not come here super hungry as there’s always a loooong queue πŸ˜…

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One of the better options for roast chicken/pork in this hawker centre. Got this for $4, good serving size for the price. Another comfort no-frills stall for me

πŸ“Bu Zheng Zong Hainanese Chicken Rice, 01-53, Alexandra Village Food Centre, 120 Bukit Merah Lane, 150120

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My go-to stall in Alexandra Food Village for 4-5 years now.

These two orders - Crispy Pork Belly Noodle ($4) and Crispy Pork Belly on Rice ($3.50) - are my usuals (I order and eat both in one meal lol, big eater). The roast meat is always served with crispy skin and on good days, with a good skin-fat-meat ratio. Taste is good though leaning on the salty side at times. As for the noodles, it’s cooked al dente with perfect seasoning. Their sauce is notable too - salty and spicy!

(Second photo) there’s a note that they’ll be discontinuing service of current menu on 27th Feb (so last day tmr to try if haven’t yet!), and will be back with a low carb menu in April.

Bacon lover! πŸ₯“ πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­|πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ|πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬|🌎 IG: @reemuuh.eats

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