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Featuring Omoté (Thomson Plaza), Tendon Kohaku (Suntec City), Yomenya Goemon (The Star Vista), Kabe no Ana (NEX), Gochi-So Shokudo (One Raffles Place), Menya Musashi (VivoCity), Azabu Sabo Hokkaido Ice Cream (Clarke Quay Central), Monster Curry (VivoCity), OTOKO (The Midtown), Aburi-EN (VivoCity)
Aileen Marie David
Aileen Marie David

Got this from H.Y Bento En - one of the few stores open around 10ish near my area. Not bad for a late dinner find. Would have enjoyed it more if the chasu and chicken sauce don’t have similar taste. The egg is good. The edamame is a sweet touch of textural difference :)


📍 H.Y Bento En
Blk 11 Jalan Bukit Merah, 03-4458,
Bukit Merah, 150011

#hybentoen #burpplesg

Opted for a rice bowl for a change. Their unagi is decently grilled, and quite generous (also with the sauce which they could lessen a teeny bit). Specifically liked that it’s mostly boneless (left with some fine tiny bones). Served with tamago and Jap rice


📍 Ramen Hitoyoshi
1 Maritime Square, 01-99 HarbourFront Centre, Singapore 099253
Floor 5 · HarbourFront Centre

#ramenhitoyoshi #burpplesg

Didn’t know that Yoshinoya has veggies until recently! I think I was directly spotting their beef bowls previously 😂

Gave this bowl a try, and the beef & rice are per normal, while the veggie portion is quite generous, fresh, and crunchy! Wouldn’t mind replacing my usual order whenever I want to feel a bit healthier 😋


📍 Yoshinoya
313 Somerset Food Republic

#yoshinoya #burpplesg

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Had so much high hopes for this place as it’s recommended by a looot of people, but sadly, both of my visits (yes, I gave it another chance after a bad exp last 2020), were a bit disappointing

Unlike most reviews, I, thankfully, didn’t have to queue long for both of my visits. The restaurant could be unassuming from the exterior, but the place is actually huge with a mismatch of classic Jap and weirdly, techno/bar feels

Had this chirashi dish, and though it looks enticing, the pieces I got were not fresh :( it has triggered my seafood allergy (yes, it acts up whenever I have not-so-fresh seafood)

Not sure if I’ll give it another chance - maybe third time’s the charm?


📍 Omoté
301 Upper Thomson Rd, 03-24A, Singapore 574408
Floor 3 · Thomson Plaza

#omote #burpplesg

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Got this set and it was super filling. It includes tempura for prawn, squid, maitake mushroom, eggplant, butternut pumpkin, and egg + half portion of rice and half portion of cold soba. With the exception of egg, each piece has a light batter and not greasy at all. Particularly loved the pumpkin and eggplant which were both sweet and fresh. Would have enjoyed it a bit better if the tempura sauce is glazed evenly, and the prawn/squid fresher


📍 Tempura Makino (VivoCity)
1 HarbourFront Walk, 02-111 VivoCity, Singapore 098585

#tendon #tempura #tempuramakino #burpplesg


One of the better tendon restaurants in SG food and price-wise. Only been here a couple of times but the quality never wavers.

The Kohaku Tendon bowl has (straight from the menu) 2 prawns, a squid, a pair of french beans, pumpkin, baby corn, shitake, chicken breast, and crabmeat stick. The prawns are very fresh and soft. Squid is cooked perfectly and not tough at all. All the veggies are prepared well - the combination has a good taste balance as well. Loved the pumpkin specifically as it has the right amount of sweetness. Chicken breast could be less cooked as it’s bordering dry. Batter is commendable - thin but still provides crisp, and not oily at all

Overall a good dish ✨


📍 Tendon Kohaku 天丼琥珀
3 Temasek Blvd, 03-310/311, Singapore 038983

#tendon #tempura #tendonkohaku #burpplesg

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Very happy surprise. Just tried this out of curiosity, and it has become one of my faves

I am a huge fan of unagi (esp if there’s not much tiny bones lol), due to its subtly sweet taste. Hitsumabushi provided a unique experience. It allows you to enjoy your unagi on top of rice in 3 different ways (iirc, they will give you a guide so no need to panic lol)

✨ By itself. This will make you enjoy the fish in its raw form. Similar to your usual unagi don
✨ With condiments on top (I got some green onions and seaweed)
✨ With dashi broth. This will remove the sauce from the eel, but will be enveloped with the very warm and hearty broth. This is my favorite. Reminds me of the chazuke we had during winter

Had it a couple of times last year and early this year (not sure if it’s still available as it’s not on the grand menu anymore). Need to visit again! 😂


📍Sushi Tei
118 Holland Ave, #03-04 Raffles Holland V Mall, Singapore 278997

#sushitei #unagi #hitsumabushi #burpplesg

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The ika tempura is a once-you-start-you-can’t-stop kind of dish, tastes like some prawn crackers but better — prepared with fresh & soft filling (squid and smt roe) with crispy & thin batter. Good to munch on while waiting for your other orders

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You get a sweet & sour mouthful from each bite of one of Sushi Tei’s special rolls, the Dai Dai Roll. It is filled with crabmeat, mango, and lettuce, and topped with salmon and fish roe. Similar to a usual cali maki but upgraded. It is drizzled as well with mayo and some vinegar adding to the taste

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Tender, juicy, and smoky ✨ this Iberico Hoho Don ($17.90++) features sliced grilled Iberico pork jowl on a bed of Jap rice.

Love that what I had recently has a more charred taste that matches well with the teriyaki sauce on top. Me, being a big eater, would have loved to have a bigger serving tho 😂

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Maruhachi’s Pork Katsu Set ($11.80) is a cheap yet very decent alternative to my regular katsu cravings. The pork is not oily at all (taste and smell-wise) making it pleasing to eat. It is a bit lean and have minimal fat, but still tender. The crumbs are worth noting as well as it’s very light (some hawker stalls do tend to have the coating slightly thick)

This comes with Japanese rice, miso soup, and cabbage (w Kewpie 😋) - all the usual stuff we get free-flowing from katsu restaurants but with at least half the price

Enjoyed this dish, will try their blackpig katsu next time (raved to have better fat-to-meat ratio!) ☺️

📍 Maruhachi,
51 Havelock Rd, Singapore 161051

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Posting yet another throwback from our Japan trip. This Hida Beef Sushi Set C (¥1000, 2020 price) is a trio of hida beef served on a rice cracker

🍣 Salt Hida Beef - the best among the three for me. The salt enhances the flavor of the beef
🍣 Soy Ginger Hida Beef - not my preference as the ginger taste is a bit stronger than that of the beef
🍣 Gunkan Hida Beef - served within seaweed and has fresh egg on top, is new for me but really enjoyable. The yolk enveloping the beef upon the bite makes it creamy

Beef is served medium rare. Though I was expecting the meat to be more fatty (since it’s hida), I find it pleasing to have it on the leaner side for these three preparations. The meat still melts in the mouth. Really good.

Highly recommend to try this out when you are in Takayama. This can easily be spotted from Sanmachi street with the long queue - though it might seem to be touristy, the store lives up to the hype 😁

📍Hida Kotte Ushi, Takayama

Bacon lover! 🥓 🇵🇭|🇲🇾|🇸🇬|🌎 IG: @reemuuh.eats

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