Ricotta Hotcakes

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Ricotta hotcake:
It may seem pricey, but the hotcake is actually quite huge and thick. I like the texture of the hotcake as it is not cakey like many other cafes. The vanilla bean ice cream is good, hotcake is good, but would be better if the hotcake is thinner as only the surface is sweet and it is quite bland on the inside and I finished the ice cream before I finished half the pancake -opps.

Mocha with peanut butter, roasted almonds and pink peppercorn on the rim. Taste more like hot chocolate than mocha to me as the taste of coffee is not prominent. But I like that it is not sweet. Not sure if the PB, peppercorn really do play a part in enhancing the taste of the mocha though I enjoyed eating them - separately.

Like the decor, music, vibe. Good place to chill, eat, hangout and take photos for the gram.

🌈 π‘π’πœπ¨π­π­πš π‡π¨π­πœπšπ€πžπ¬ ($24++) β€” (Ricotta cheese, Hokkaido milk, fresh mixed berries, cardamom maple syrup, Kapiti vanilla bean ice cream)
This is the 4th hotcakes that I’ve ever had and it has the best texture. While all the other hotcakes I tried were thick and soft, they were too dense and dry. So this hotcakes surpasses them with its light and slightly moist texture. I can also tell that the vanilla ice cream is of high quality. It’s really tasty!

🍌 𝐆𝐨𝐒𝐧𝐠 𝐁𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐬 𝐁𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝 ($8++) β€” Very moist and pleasant banana cake that’s not overly sweet. It is complemented by fresh berries and crunchy chocolate feuilletine that has notes of dark chocolate roast. Get this one too!

Look at this beauty. Okay slightly expensive at $24, I was expecting at least 2 hotcakes for that price.

But we got a thick, fluffy, perfectly browned pancake drizzled with cardamom-infused maple syrup with mixed berries. The pancake is made with Hokkaido milk and ricotta cheese and the rich dairy flavors managed to shine through. It's topped with vanilla bean ice cream and some kind of fruit crisp like a hat. They really put a ton of effort into the presentation, which is appreciated. πŸ‘

Taste-wise, I really liked the airy texture (like a McDonald's hotcake on steroids) and the ice cream melted slightly, making a delicious temperature contrast between the warm pancake and the cold ice cream. The ice cream was of really good quality too; I could actually taste the vanilla bean flavor. The attention to detail is apparent. :)



Kafe UTU specialises in African food but they do serve extremely delicious brunch dishes here. I’m absolutely in love with the ricotta hotcakes here which is made with Hokkaido milk. It’s served with maple syrup, a very fresh selection of berries and a generous scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

Love how fresh and fluffy the hotcake was, coupled with Hokkaido milk which was creamier that normal milk and the vanilla bean ice cream was really exquisite. Was told that the crispy layer on top of the ice cream is made from dragonfruit fried with the hotcake batter - interestingly sweet taste (a little like maple syrup, but with some spice) and raised the aesthetic presentation of the dish! Good dessert for a sunny hazy day indoors!

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Hidden within Keong Siak, this beautifully decorated African-theme cafe serves hearty dishes and unique coffee plus cocktails from the vast continent.

Since hotcakes πŸ₯ž are my absolute favourite, I decided to try their Ricotta Hotcakes ($23). It was a sweet symphony of ricotta cheese, fresh mixed berries, and vanilla bean ice cream. Though the cardamom-infused maple syrup might be a deterrence to some as it comes across quite intense.

P.S: fans of peanut butter might want to try their Bidi Bado ($7). This nutty speciality coffee is a combination of mocha rimmed with natural peanut butter, pink peppercorns and toasted almonds!

Kafe Utu
Address: 12 Jiak Chuan Road, Singapore 089265
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A typical American breakfast / brunch dish, with a fluffy soft pancake (made with eggs, vanilla bean extract, Japanese Hokkaido milk, all-purpose flour, caster sugar, and unsalted butter) infused with ricotta cheese.
The pancake is served with fresh juicy mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries), icing sugar, house infused cardamom maple syrup, crisp ricotta cheese wafers, edible flowers, and a creamy smooth vanilla bean ice cream.
Notes of floral earthy sweet sour cheesy flavours, very nice. Their house made ice cream tends to melt pretty fast though. Looks so pretty, and is so delicious.
Invited tasting courtesy of @kafeutu and @msginginly.
Kafe Utu
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Ricotta hotcakes so light and fluffy garnished with all my favorite berries. Not overly sweet which is a big plus for my palate
Can't help it but fall head over heels with this luscious little hotcake.
@kafeutu is a cozy place to while your moments away, accompanied by mouthwatering addictive foods and really good coffee. I am coming back for you!! #dessertlovers #desserts #sweettooth #burpple #8dayseat #foodporn #sgig #dessertporn #photooftheday #photographers #bestfoodphoto #foodphotography #tagsforlikes #followforfollow #singaporeinsiders #kafeutu #tastesocietysg #instagood #instafoodsg #tripadvisor