Chicken Meatball Pasta

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Their Handmade Meatball Pasta ($16) was less flattering. We opted for Chicken Meatballs 🐔 (cream-based pasta) which features pasta with Parmigiano cheese 🧀, garlic, onions, tomato 🍅, all cooked in their homemade chicken stock & white wine. The pasta & meatballs were very light on flavours.

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Pasta was rlly nice and creamy (without being overly jelat) and meatballs were v big. Only thing was that the meatballs don’t rlly have much seasoning to it although it’s homemade...

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I really enjoyed the strong garlicky flavours of the handmade meatball pasta. We opted for the chicken meatballs, the taste is really similar to the filling of chicken dumplings.

The truffle carbonara pasta is an off the menu item, only available through pre-order! It was very robust savoury. Definitely a must try when visiting.

Following the reviews here, I actually ordered the Chicken Meatball Pasta but it was so-so only. I get that it was a unique dish but it was pretty bland and meh. On the other hand, this prawn pasta recommended by the staff was SO GOOD!!!! She told us that the king prawns had just arrived and they really were fresh 🤤 overall 10/10 delish & savory (just that portion could’ve been bigger)

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The chicken meatball pasta comes with cream sauce which wasn't too creamy and more on the savoury side. There was a generous serving of meatballs and this is the kind of ingredients to pasta ratio that I like hehe. The meatballs were very tasty as well!

Handmade beef meatball pasta (tomato). Impossibly tender meatballs! Remarkably balanced, well seasoned. Love the coarse tomato sauce punched up with parmesan and fresh parsley. Will def try their handmade chicken meatballs next time. In that version, the pasta is in a light cream sauce - parmigiano cheese, garlic, onions, tomato, homemade chicken stock, white wine

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Avocado spread is generous; meatball pasta is good and filling. Portion is worth the price.

The chicken meatballs were a pleasant surprise! Very soft, moist and big! Very tasty protein punch. The pasta was lightly cooked with a cream base, complemented the meatballs well. The portion was just nice too. Good meal!

AVOCADO TOASTIE: Sliced avocado, cheese and pesto sauce sandwiched between 2 milk toast; bread is fluffy inside, mild crisp outside; well balanced taste; with garden salad and potato chips as sides..
CHICKEN MEATBALL PASTA: Love the light cream al-dente pasta; with 5 pieces of juicy meatball; worth to try..
SIGNATURE COFFEE: Coffee with the addition of coconut oil; taste like café latte with a tinge of coconut taste..
CHILLI CRAB PASTA: Al-dente chilli crab base pasta with chunks of real crab; flavorful but tad too salty towards the end..
Overall and decent and filling meal; service is good; love the interior design of the café; sandwich is available till 11.30 am and pasta is available from 11.30 am..
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Meatball Pasta
Looking at this meatball pasta from is just making me crave for the weekend so badly. Al dente pasta served with 5 giant meatballs that are juicy and delicious. Couldn’t ask for any improvements to this!

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