Food Delivery

Food Delivery

Featuring Brine, The Public Izakaya by Hachi (100AM), Tess Bar & Kitchen, Waa Cow! Sushi Bar, Two Men Bagel House (Holland Village), Guzman y Gomez (The Star Vista), Chico Loco, Old Boys Gallery, HANS IM GLÜCK German Burgergrill (Republic Plaza), YOLO (Icon Village)
Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii

Added guac to my burrito, love it! Very wholesome and filling😋 habanero sauce was perfect for that extra kick🌶

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Up close on the beef Wellington. Got to love that thick layer of duxelles and the perfectly cooked medium rare MB2+ beef tenderloin, all wrapped up in a buttery flaky crust! There is an option to add prosciutto to your Wellington. Shall try that next time 😛

1. Beef Wellington [$88/serves 4] - Recently been quite hooked onto Beef Wellington. Got to love that thick layer of duxelles and the perfectly cooked medium rare MB2+ beef tenderloin, all wrapped up in a buttery flaky crust! There is an option to add prosciutto to your Wellington. Shall try that next time 😛

2. Salt crusted sea bass [$38/serves 2] - In line to be the weekend centerpiece is this show-stopping salt crusted Seabass. Lush, juicy and firm flesh, absolutely amazing taste and texture. The salt crust traps moisture, allowing the fish to steam in its own juices along with the aromas of lemon and dill.

3. Roast chicken [$38/whole chicken] - Tender and flavorful roasted kampung chicken. Juicy chicken with a bed of roasted potatoes, carrots and zucchinis.

4. Homemade pesto pasta with Parmesan sauce [$18] - not as punchy as I would have liked

5. Porcini risotto (V) [$35/serves 2] - I’ve had better ones, but there were enough highlights for the night to fuss over this. Also, probably not the best idea that the grated Parmesan to be added to the risotto was packed separately. It couldn’t melt when added to the risotto cause it has cooled down significantly by then.

6. Cheery cherry tart [$35] - What got my attention in the first place was this beautiful elegant cheery cherry tart. As a cherry lover, i knew I had to get my hands on this! True enough, the tart tasted as sublime as I’d imagined. Just look at how beautiful it looks, with neatly arranged rows of plump and juicy pitted cherries. Our dinner definitely ended on a sweet and memorable note. Rather unconventional, this tart came with a bed of diplomat cream, which was lighter than the more commonly used pastry cream as it has whipped cream infused into it. So delicate and light, just the perfect accompaniment to the buttery biscuit like crust!

Got to try the beef Wellington for sure! Current promo includes beef Wellington and Jimmy’s carbonara for only $36! (Usual $41) Paid $10 delivery fee for this amazing dinner 😊

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Look at that cheese oozing out! Laced with the heady flavours of wild mushroom, accented with the fragrant, silky truffle oil that permeates through the pie. You can always count on @krustsg to deliver on that perfect flaky and buttery pie crust, with sensational savory fillings like this Portobello Truffle Cheese pie. I also enjoyed the Guinness Beef pie a lot, tough choice between the two, both insanely delicious, outrageously decadent in their own rights.

Love the surf and turf options from @inkxgrill ! These boxes are great for sharing. Mine comes with grilled chicken and prawns. All proteins are perfectly charred. Carb options include garlic rice, garlic pasta and mushroom rice. The mushroom rice was insanely flavorful, with the right amount of flavor and grease. Umami bomb with every mouth!

Top (left to right)
Pineapple fried rice [$9.90]
Minced basil chicken [$7.90]
Phad see ew (glass boodles - seafood) [$9.90]

Middle (left to right)
Phad see ew (horfun - chicken) [$7.90]
Thai green curry (chicken) [$7.90]
Thai Tom yum fried rice (pork) [$8.90]

Bottom (left to right)
Mango salad [$7.90]
Grilled pork neck [$9.90]
Spicy drunken noodles (pork) [$8.90]

Slightly disappointed by the my chicken drunken noodles which was nothing I expected - spicy, shiok and most importantly, the wok hei! Found that it was lacking in spice level and flavor, pretty bland. The regular phad see ew (fried kway tiao) was much better in fact. The pineapple fried rice turned out to be a winner for us, which went well with the chicken kra pow and green curry (a bit soupy fit my liking I must add, puts me on a hunt for the rich and thick gravy type!). The Tom yum beef fried rice did not deliver the flavors as well.

Cheddar cheese bacon waffles, hot Reuben, potato gnocchi and Brussel sprouts. Free island wide delivery for orders above $100. Order at least 45 mins in advance for pick-up, 3 hours in advance for delivery.

Basil pesto gnocchi (top up $2) - [$17.80]
Pesto could have been more punchy! Texture of gnocchi was really smooth and soft.

Tagliatelle bolognese - [$14.80] This was alright, good enough to satisfy a craving but probably remain forgotten some where down the line, unlikely to reorder

Jumbo meatballs [$4.80/each] - Soft & tender handformed meatballs stewed overnight in marinara sauce


Damn delicious claypot rice. Called 45mins before pick up to skip all the queue, super fuss free order! This is for 3 pax with chicken add on.


Nostalgic and value for money meal that comes with rotisserie roasted whole chicken, 3 sides, 4 drinks and 4 corn muffins. We top up the difference and upgraded the soft drinks to more sides (worth $3.50 each)! We got the coleslaw, potato salad, garden pasta salad, onion rings, Mac & cheese, corn cob, sautéed vegetables.

This is the reason why we are ordering from Ajumma’s again! 😂 love this sweet-spicy fried chicken with crispy rice cakes tossed in a sticky sauce

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Always counting down to the next meal 😋

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