Char Siew Noodles

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Upsize my Wanton Mee with addition $2.00 of char siew. Damn shiok
Location: Fei Fei Roasted Noodle 肥肥燒臘 • 雲吞麵, Jurong East St 24, #01-28 Yuhua Village Market Food Centre, Blk 254, Singapore 600254

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The Qiu Qiu noodle toasted in savoury sauce (not sweet 🤩) served with tasty char siew (very tender for hawker standard) with char on the outer layer and plump wanton.
📍Fei Fei Roasted Noodle.
Yuhua Village Market and food centre, #01-28

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I have been hearing about this stall for many years and finally made my way down in morning to join the queue.

It took not more 30 mins luckily for weekday morning and it is totally worth it.

For $6, you get a decent plate of Hong Kong style noodles topped with juicy char siew and tender duck meat. Also remember to add a bowl of wanton soup to complete your meal here.

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One of the best wanton mee in the West area. Noodles tossed in their special sauce topped with generous char siew that are juicy, tender and perfectly charred.
Location: Fei Fei Roasted Noodle, East St 24, #01-28 Yuhua Village Market Food Centre, Blk 254, Singapore 600254
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It must be third time lucky because we finally got to try this wicked sick char siew from Fei Fei.

The meat is juicy, tender and we'll marinated. I loved the marinated glaze which was done just right without being cloy sweet. A little more charred bits will be nice.

I will gladly make a Journey to the West for this char siew!

H/T: @3rdavenue for the rec.

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Fei Fei is famous for their char siew but I have been pretty unlucky in my attempts to get some. They were closed on my first visit and sold out on my second.

We decided to try their wanton noodles instead. I am actually quite impressed. Their wantons are plump and juicy and their noodles do not taste alkaline. Not bad but just give me some char siew pls!

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Char siew was lean but tender, with a good Char, smokiness, and a sweet marinade. Duck was decent but only some bits were crispy. Dont like normal wanton Noodles but this was not bad. The chili wasnt spicy and was full of dried shrimpy goodness, so go ahead and load up on it.

Overall every component is above average, but whether it's worth the wait is really up for debate. I started queueing before the stall was open, but with the constant queue cutting from those who came to reserve at 5am, with 20$-30$ orders, it took a whole hour before i was able to even order, despite there being only 10 people standing in the queue before me. Truly frustrating


Hands down my favourite wanton mee in Singapore!

The charcoal roasted charsiew has a good ratio of lean to fatty meat, making for a tender and juicy bite. The roasting process is as such: they pour sauce over the charsiew, then place it back into the charcoal oven, then repeat this for idk how many times (sometimes I come too early so while waiting for the charsiew to be ready I’ll just look at what they’re doing). The result is a beautifully caramelised charsiew, and the charred bits are especially shiok :’D

The noodles. Are delicious!! It’s perfectly cooked, and you’ll get springy noodles that are coated in the sauce which consists of just the right proportion of oil, soya sauce and broth.

The soup & the wantons are good too! The wantons are stuffed w a good amount of meat and shrimp.

Come at around 9.15am so that the queue is not too long and the charsiew is available for ordering. You can tell if there’s charsiew ready if:
a) the lights are turned on, or
b) you see the slab of charsiew hanging at the display window.

Came by around 10.15am since their char siew was only ready around 10am. Was in the queue for 40 minutes before finally getting a plate and I’m glad to say it was worth it! Fei Fei’s char siew chunks are not the fatty sort, but had a good bite with a shiok caramelised exterior. Roasted duck was pretty good too, while the noodles were springy with a good bite. Wantons and its soup was seasoned nicely, and the wanton fillings were juicy. Fei Fei is definitely a stall that has every component on the plate done well!

Ps. We went back hoping to get another plate of Char Siew Noodle ($3.50), but it ran out and it was only 11.45am! 😭 If you’re traveling down, make sure to drop by earlier.


The char siew and noodle is so good. But duck is meh. Super worth it!