Came by around 10.15am since their char siew was only ready around 10am. Was in the queue for 40 minutes before finally getting a plate and I’m glad to say it was worth it! Fei Fei’s char siew chunks are not the fatty sort, but had a good bite with a shiok caramelised exterior. Roasted duck was pretty good too, while the noodles were springy with a good bite. Wantons and its soup was seasoned nicely, and the wanton fillings were juicy. Fei Fei is definitely a stall that has every component on the plate done well!

Ps. We went back hoping to get another plate of Char Siew Noodle ($3.50), but it ran out and it was only 11.45am! 😭 If you’re traveling down, make sure to drop by earlier.