Kouign Amann

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This has to be one of the best bakery in Singapore.

My favourite here is the kouign amann.

The almond crossiant and the chocolate Danish are also good.

Ahhh I love bread and I love TBB!!! ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค— Iโ€™m sure TBB doesnโ€™t need much introductions but still gonna contribute to the list of great reviews. Kouign Amann and Green Tea Almond Croissants have been my go-to in TBB - I love how big, crispy and buttery the pastries are (also I feel that they have been consistent throughout the years and across the outlets). Salmon and Spinach quiche was alright - was the kind of cooked salmon, might not order again! But the focaccia was SUCH a pleasant surprise and esp when they served it piping hot and the rosemary was so prominent, giving it a savoury taste! ๐Ÿ˜‹ coffee was good as usual perked me up! โ˜บ๏ธ

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Tiong Bahru Bakery
Kouign Amann($3.5)
Price Rating: $
Ambience: 3*

Alright, Iโ€™m gonna make this easier for you. Itโ€™s pronounced as โ€œQueen Amanโ€.
A little scandalous if you accidentally remember it as โ€œQueenโ€™s Amanโ€, and a little ballsy if you call it โ€œQueen, A Man.โ€

If you donโ€™t know what Kouign Amann is, it is this piece of sweet, caramelized goodness with a crunch and a chew to it. A little salty, mostly sweet, and a perfect snack to go with a cuppa.

that perfect tea time on a cosy afternoon.
We decided on Kouign Amann, supposedly one of the more popular pastry. I liked how caramelised it was. But wish it was โ€˜softerโ€™ and less chewy. The caramelised had hardened and was just a teeny bit hard to bite into. Overall a good pastry tho!

As for the blue pea latte, it smells rich of grain and slightly reminiscent of packet soy drinks that you find in supermarkets. Kinda โ€˜grainyโ€™ and not a bit appreciated by my fiancรฉ. I didnโ€™t mind it tho. But at a $6+ price point, this is definitely not something I would order again. Once for the gram โ€˜cos of its beautiful blue hue, I donโ€™t mind tho!

hands down the best pastries, kouign aman is legendary here.

I LOVE kouign amann from TBB - even when itโ€™s no longer warm itโ€™s still SOSO good ahh the glaze on the buttery crust!!!! My first time trying chocolate croissant it was good but felt that the chocolate filling could be more nothing special I feel!!

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Kouign Amann ($4.50) It's one of best selling baked goods include with crossiants. It got buttery caramel and sweet taste, moist texture (centre & inner) and crispy texture (outer). I felt that its was quite full after eating finish and probably due too too much sugar and carbo inside the baked goods. Just probably cleared off my wishlist for now and focus on other cafe or bakery shop for now.


Sadly, they ran out of my fav almond croissant....

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Kouign Amann ($4.50++)
Sweet, flaky, buttery. What is there not to love? But I would prefer it to be heated up a bit more when served.

Brie and Roast Mushroom Croissant ($9.50++)
Definitely not my favourite. Was a bit excited and took a huge bite, only to be overwhelmed by a spicy pungent smell (like wasabi, hot mustard smell). Im not a fan of wasabi so this is just not my thing I guess.

There are some jams that were available to take so I just took one of each. Here we have strawberry, apricot, pandan kaya and hazelnut chocolate.