Death Cream

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A sweet and wonderful concoction of espresso, vanilla beans and cream, this is essentially the cold brew of my dreams - I’ve a sweet tooth that also loves milk and creamy things! It is really quite sweet so you’re supposed to have it on the rocks.

We got it as a takeaway - do tell the barista not to add ice cubes into your drink as they added ice to mine but kindly removed it at my request. Service was great.

Came for the rosti but it was unavailable on a Monday morning. So we settled for the fully loaded plate which I feel at $24 is grossly overpriced for such simple fare. It was also quite oily and was not as enjoyable as we wanted it to be.

Lastly while tying this review, i just realized it came without the roasted potatoes as stated on the menu.

The only saving grace was the Death Cream drink which was really rich and morish.

As the name suggests, it is death to workout due to a deadly indulgence of delicious-ness. The smooth concoction was creamy and sweet that it tasted like liquid coffee ice cream. Served in a cute experimental bottle, it was good as an after-meal dessert drink with its ensuing hints of vanilla.

We had the Fully Loaded Breakfast Platter and Breakfast Burrito. Portion is quite big and is good for sharing but Poached eggs are overcooked. Burrito was surprisingly good. Excellent 1 for 1 deal. I highly recommend the Death Cream, it’s so good I still crave for it! Tasted like melted vanilla ice cream with espresso syrup! So so so good!


Ordered the Fully Loaded ($24), this big breakfast platter, and another Chicken Alfredo Pasta ($22). The serving size of both were extremely generous and we couldn't finish it despite both being really yummy.

For drinks we ordered the Death Cream, which was this delicious milky drink, with a hint of espresso and was not too sweet.

Would definitely recommend!

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This is a must-order beverage when you are here: a smooth concoction of vanilla beans, espresso, milk and cream. Deelicious!

Death Cream consists of a mixture of espresso, cream and vanilla beans. Slightly on the sweeter side and it sure contains a lot of cream. Recommend to be shared by 2 ppl since it can get slightly overwhelming after a few sips.

The Taisho M.A.D Milk tastes very nutty, not something I actually enjoyed. The M.A.D milk
is actually made up of macadamia nuts, almonds and dates.

So worth it with the @entertainersg one for one. The Death Cream coffee is a must to complete the meal! 🤤
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Was immensely excited to try the Truffle Grilled Cheese 🧀 from @oriolecoffee, but was sadly let down by the dish set in front of me. 😣 For a Grilled CHEESE , the lack of cheese and deep grill marks was a big NO-NO. (Looked more like regular toasted brioche?) But I was seriously impressed by the bowl of creamy tomato soup 🍅 that came with this dish, so all is (somewhat) forgiven.

But even after we had finished our meal, the Death Cream I'd ordered still hadn't arrived. And I wasn't informed that it was sold out until I reminded a serving staff about it around 45min AFTER we had first placed our order. 😤❌❌❌

Needless to say, we won't be heading back anytime soon. Which is a real pity because I was singing praises of this joint after the many dinners I had with my girlfriends there just a few years ago. *sighz*

Had espresso hotcake ($12) and death cream ($10) for the weekend brunch. Comes with a choice of maple syrup & espresso cream, the hot cake reminds me of the one from mcdonalds with maple syrup, but it is quite special when you have it with espresso cream so not a bad try.

The death cream, which is describes as ‘Delicious concoction of vanilla beans, espresso and cream’ on the menu, is seriously something you have to try when you’re here. Though it is more expensive than the usual coffee, the rich and creamy texture yet strong in coffee taste is unlike any other ice coffee you may have before. But its too much for me to finish. Would be interested to try their M.A.D milk with coffee next time!