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Cady Tay
Cady Tay

If you’re a fan of thick, dense milkshakes - look no further. Butter Studio makes their shakes from their very own ice cream, so you feel like you’re slurping their ice cream up in liquid form. Perfect if you're craving for the taste of ice cream but are too lazy to use your hands to scoop it into your mouth (wait I’m not the only one right?).

Choose from 3 flavours - Speculoos Crunch, Berry Lychee or Midnight Chocolate. I personally found the Speculoos Crunch very sweet but it’s probably great for children and those with very sweet tooth's. I preferred the Berry Lychee - I couldn’t really taste the lychee but I liked the milkiness and creaminess of the ice cream base paired with the fruity taste of berries (tasted primarily strawberry). The milkshakes were smooth and thick - their consistencies didn’t change even after they were left out for a considerable amount of time, which is a great plus point.

Butter Studio is located on the first floor of Bugis Junction, making it a convenient stop for sweet cravings. The staff are as sweet as their desserts too! There are not many dessert shops that are Halal certified, so this shop usually comes to mind whenever I’m looking for dessert options with my Muslim friends.

Thank you Burpple and Butter Studio for the invite!

Had to give this a try considering its novelty and appeal of nostalgia. Being a huge fan of malted milk, I enjoyed the drink, but wished that the taste of Horlicks could be stronger or more “gao”. There are perks of a lighter drink though - probably easier to drink and less overwhelming if you were finishing it on your own. Texture wise, it was pretty good. It was smooth and thick, but not icy.

There aren’t many places that offer Horlicks Milkshake - this is the only one I can think of right now (from my limited knowledge). So perhaps it’s worth a try nevertheless for fans of this childhood drink. A sweet blast from the past to accompany your savoury burgers.

There’s quite a bit of seating area but it can be quite crowded during peak periods, due to the hype around it. We visited on a weekday early evening and had to queue for about 20minutes or so, before being seated and proceeding to make our orders.

Overall a pleasant experience - this is a place you can consider if you’re at the Somerset area and craving for some good ol classic burgers.


This triple fruited gose from North Brewing Co. is sure to make any fruit beer or cider lover happy! It’s more towards the sour side but very refreshing - perfect for that summer vibe in sunny sunny Singapore. ☀️ It’s light and easy to drink, being 4.5% ABV.

The staff here are super friendly and passionate about craft beer, so it was such a delight chatting with them and hearing them share about their interest. Would love to return and try their other flavours - they have a wide array of interesting craft beers and kombuchas!

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Tiny cozy cafe amongst the AMK HDB estates, with a friendly team of staff, brewing pretty good coffee. Monday Coffee Bar ticks the important boxes of a good coffee place ✅ They even have a small collection of books for customers to borrow, for your browsing pleasure over a cuppa coffee.

Space is tiny and seats are quite limited, so you may want to visit during non-peak periods (probably quieter and more peaceful).

The Burpple Beyond deal makes it more affordable, giving me all the more reason to come back again. Just wish I drove, because the place is quite far from the MRT station.

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Nothing like fragrant coffee in the morning! Love that you can get good quality coffee for affordable prices in the CBD area. What’s more - the 1 for 1 deal with the Burpple Beyond makes it a definite steal.

Do let them know if you are dining in as they might assume you are taking away - perhaps most customers get takeaway coffee here. There are a few seats and tables within the Food Folks area itself, which is air conditioned.

We visited on a weekday early afternoon and there was no queue. Would recommend coming earlier to beat the CBD lunch crowd.

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Perfect breakfast coffee, with the sweet scent of cereals and milk paired with espresso. A great way to start the day!

Slightly pricey but the novelty of the drink makes it worth a try at least. Not many places offer this option! Would recommend if you like your lattes slightly sweet and want to try something a little different.

The shop is quite small with a limited seating area but it makes the whole ambience quite cozy with the feeling of everyone huddled up together.

Staff were very chirpy and friendly - creating a warm atmosphere and a pleasant experience overall.

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Brown sugar fans unite as the Okinawa drink blends your classic cappuccino with the all time favourite dark brown sugar, creating a smooth full brew that’ll make your sweet tooth satisfied!

The Manuka coffee has that all familiar tinge of New Zealand honey sweetness on top of the fragrant aroma of the coffee. I thought this was a great pairing as well, made me feel healthy too :P

Really worth it with the Burpple 1-for-1. I wish the coffees came in proper mugs instead of these disposable ones, especially since we were having them at the cafe itself. But I guess the concept might be one of a takeaway stand.

There are both indoor and outdoor seating, although rather limited if you want to be seated inside.

The service was great - the barista was so badass, she was single-handedly running the show on a busy weekend, we were very impressed.

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Creamy avocado-ey goodness! Every sip of this was just heavenly (as you can tell, I’m a big fan of avocados). My only complaint was that were was quite a lot of ice.. but that’s my only complaint. My partner thought it was too sweet, but I actually enjoyed its smooth sweetness.

The drink comes in different sizes, S - $3.50, M - $4.50, L - $7. The large was very very large, hence the difference in price. I don’t think I’ve seen a plastic cup so big before.

We visited on a public holiday and there was quite a queue, I think because its competitor was closed. :P Serving was very fast, we waited for about 15 minutes till it was our turn in the queue but once we ordered, we got the drink almost immediately!

Would I get it again - yes if I happen to be here!

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This was extremely underwhelming - description said it comes with “a whiff of Angelica smoke for extra theatrical effects”, so we bought it thinking there’ll be some kinda smoke coming out from the cup. But when the staff opened the cover of the cup, there was nothing. 😂 it was extremely anticlimactic and we felt cheated of our money.

Fortunately the taste of the drink was quite special. It tasted of red dates primarily, and a little bit of figs. I liked the sweet aftertaste of the wolfberry from the scotch, that was very unique. As for the Angelica smoke, I have no idea where the smoke is.. at least the cup looks fancy.

Overall - wouldn’t recommend this drink unless you like the ingredients of it and are getting it just for its taste (or the cup?). Definitely not worth the price. Don’t order it expecting there to be some smoke for you to Instagram, because there was none, at least for us. I think we even have a video of the waitress opening the cover of the cup only to find nothing coming out. Guess my date with the devil didn’t go too well.

Other than the drink… the ambience was great, I think the restaurant is done up beautifully and is a real treat for the eyes. The staff were very friendly as well. We visited on a Monday evening and wow the place was actually quite packed! I probably wouldn’t come back given the prices (and gosh the underwhelming cocktail really left a bad impression) but I guess it was a nice place to visit once since the food was good.


Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with a gelato milkshake! You can pick up to 3 ice cream flavours to add into your milkshake. The texture was more of a creamy milky sorta drink as opposed to the super thick kind, which was great because we were already quite full after dinner.

Honestly this is really expensive without the Burpple 1-for-1 deal seeing the size of the cup - it was average sized, but I was expecting it to be slightly larger, since milkshakes usually come in larger cups, and also this is quite pricy. But I’m glad the Burpple deal made this more reasonable. I definitely wouldn’t get this at full price!

We visited on a weekday evening and there was no queue. The staff was really friendly.

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As part of the Burpple 1-for-1 deal, you’ve to get accompanying drinks with your main dishes. There’s a pretty nice selection of drinks - we picked the Summer Sipper and the Urban Apple, which are essentially fruity soda drinks.

The Summer Sipper was very refreshing, being a sparkling citrusy drink. The Urban Apple was a nice sparkling apple juice drink.

Service was good. We visited on a weekday evening and managed to find seats for two quite comfortably.

Would I be back? Yes - only with the 1-for-1 deal! Food is generally yummy but come in small servings, hence I’d only order it with this discount.

Both drinks were fizzy and quite refreshing - a great accompaniment to our savoury rice bowls. It was a little bit diluted but otherwise was a standard highball.

Do note that the drinks for the Burpple deal is only applicable for alcohol drinks.

We visited on a weekday evening and it wasn’t too crowded although I did notice a fair amount of reservations in the indoor seating area. I actually preferred the outdoor seating, as the ambience was amazing, with the Japanese lanterns hanging at the top and all. Service was great too, the staff were very friendly.

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Honest reviews from an average salarywoman that’s hungry. I’m on insta too! @smallwalletbigmouth

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