Was immensely excited to try the Truffle Grilled Cheese 🧀 from @oriolecoffee, but was sadly let down by the dish set in front of me. 😣 For a Grilled CHEESE , the lack of cheese and deep grill marks was a big NO-NO. (Looked more like regular toasted brioche?) But I was seriously impressed by the bowl of creamy tomato soup 🍅 that came with this dish, so all is (somewhat) forgiven.

But even after we had finished our meal, the Death Cream I'd ordered still hadn't arrived. And I wasn't informed that it was sold out until I reminded a serving staff about it around 45min AFTER we had first placed our order. 😤❌❌❌

Needless to say, we won't be heading back anytime soon. Which is a real pity because I was singing praises of this joint after the many dinners I had with my girlfriends there just a few years ago. *sighz*