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Burpple Exclusive: $18+ 3 Course Set Lunch (U.P. $23+)

1. Menu must be enjoyed by all persons at the table 2. Flash the Burpple App to enjoy the promotion 3. Only available on weekdays between Mon - Fri 12pm - 3pm

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Not your typical scramble eggs.

Brine does it with a touch of Japanese flavor by pairing with furikake, dried "hae bee" and topped it off with tobiko for an extra popping mouth sensation.

Dessert(part Of Lunch Set)

Sorry for the bad camera angle but else i wouldnt be able to capture the bottom 2 layers.

Lemon ice cream, gold dust, basil oil, balsamic strawberries, milk curd

Apparently you're supposed to eat it like a jar cake(which i didnt realise until the end) as the lemon ice cream is sour and the milk curd is rather tasteless in comparison so they were supposed to balance each other out.

Anyways i preferred the previous rendition of the lemon ice cream where it wasnt so sour but the chef tweaked the recipe and added more lemon as there were many people who feedbacked that the previous version wasnt sour enough. Guess im not "most people" then lol

Balsamic strawberries were thoroughly enjoyable and reviewed in my previous post.

The basil oil actually melts when it reaches the mouth from body temperature so there's a slight fragrance. Ingenious idea from the chef to start and end with a same ingredient. It really etches the restaurant in your mind and brings forth association since basil oil isn't a very common ingredient.

Also eating gold dust was a thrill only the second time of my life. It's tasteless but pretty to look at(much like some celebrities nowadays).

Overall do come and check this place out esp with the lunch set which is a steal(w or w/o the burpple deal actually). The dishes just keep evolving with feedback from customers and the chef is so particular about the freshness of the ingredients(he rejected entire batches of ingredients if he doesnt deem it fresh enough). It's so much of a steal they actually lost money during the soft launch ><

Fjord Trout (Part Of Dinner Menu, 47++)

Super lucky to try this. Apparently they ran out of barramundi for the lunch set so they offered to replace it with the fjord trout(which is from the dinner menu). If u didnt know what fjord trout is, it's basically a better salmon haha. Super super buttery thanks to a sous vide(which the restaurant had to test many times to perfect, kudos to them), i only used a fork throughout the whole course. The chef mentioned that there's only one source for this trout during this time of the year so i guess it's pretty precious haha.

Mini ikura provided extra brininess for the fish and the salmon bone reduction was intense. The elements dont seem to meld on paper but the dish was actually really harmonious.

Flank With Veal Jus And Capellini (Starter Of 3 course Lunch Set 18++ W Burpple, UP23++)

First of thanks burpple for making it possible to have brine's 3 course menu at the price of 2 courses!
Flank was done to a perfect medium rare, and it was so tender! Well seasoned, but the truffle oil overpowered the other ingredients imo

Multigrain Toast With Smoked Tomato And Basil Oil(complimentary)

Reviewed their amazing crispy toaste before. Smoked tomato was really novel and enjoyable. They seem to come up with endless combinations of dips and none of them are trite, yet they always deliver. It's really the small things that are game-changers :p

Brine restaurant, $45++ per 5 course meal, but it's totally worth it for it's quality!

@sir.fried.chicken reccomended @brine.singapore to me some time ago (totally tempted me with photos and descriptions of the food 🀀) but I couldn't get a reservation during its soft launch period. With @timchee Birthday coming up, I recalled this place that I really wanted to bring him to. He is usually not overly adventurous but I was pleasantly surprised when he agreed.
Definitely glad he agreed. A pretty small cosy setup with 18 seats, it's open concept kitchen allows you to watch the chefs at work. @timchee was definitely in awe watching them torch and shave stuff and plate etc. 🍴
1st course.
Tenderloin tartare, rillettes OR Garam masala mussels. Tenderloin tartare was seated on the exterior and had a dehydrated lotus. The searing really gave another dimension to plain old raw tartare! As for the rillettes, I absolutely loved the texture and flavour! For the mussels, we would never have thought how well garam masala goes with mussels. It was super tasty and the pappadum really gave that extra crunch! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
2nd course.
Scallop ceviche w compressed apples, topped with pickled daikon and onion ash OR Chocolate mustard beef cheeks w Parmesan espuma. Was good but didn't blow our minds as much as the 1st course. I liked the Parmesan espuma, making cheese lighter while still bringing out its flavour. Though I did wonder why was a cold dish served after a hot dish πŸ€”. .
3rd course.
Daikon risotto w mushroom textures. @timchee absolutely loved this dish! It was total umami explosion every time we put this into our mouths. The daikon kombu stock used was sooooo good 🀀 I really liked the complexity of flavours the dehydrated shitake shavings and dehydrated enoki gave to the risotto!

Mango, Coconut, Corn

Yes, it was named as just that on the menu. Nothing pretentious, as was this dessert. Ice cream was of an iciness to my liking, and went so well with the other elements. A delightful dessert to end our meal, and a reshreshing treat in the sweltering heat.

Weekend Lunch

Really cosy environment to have lunch in! I love how I'm able to watch the chef assemble the dish on the counter too. This was the duck with beetroot which was simple amazing. The different textures of beetroot added depth into the dish which complimented the moist smoked duck.

Ribeye, Mushroom Pate, Puffed Rice

The beef unfortunately fell alittle short of expectations, but maybe because the latter was built too high. Flavour was there, but alas, the meat too chewy for my liking.
The puffed rice on the side however, I thought was an ingenious idea. It had a good truffle flavour which thankfully was not overpowering, and further elevated by the creaminess of the beautifully poached egg.

Mussels, Garam Masala, Papadum, Parmesan

I can't say I've had mussels cooked with Indian flavours before, but I was extremely pleased with the result. The juicy mussels paired surprisingly well with the spices and while the papadum was a great addition, all my attention was on the intriguing flavours of the seafood. This to me, was the star of the meal.

Egg "Foo Yong", Chicken, Coriander (Part Of Lunch Set)

To the chef's credits, all the elements together do taste like the original egg foo yong, though I still prefer the latter because of its simplicity. The chicken bits in this reminded me of the fried bits in the Indonesian Ayam Penyet (not a bad thing, just not my favourite) and the scrambled eggs were a tad too runny. This wasn't a bad dish at all, just not particularly outstanding among the other stellar dishes in the menu.

Dessert(last Course) Of 4 Course Lunch Set

Homemade balsamic strawberry jam, fresh strawberry cubes, lavender panna cotta, lemon ice cream

I have to admit the whole table was rather apprehensive about the lemon ice cream but NO. The lemon ice cream totally blew our socks off and was in fact our favourite element in the dessert, not to say the others werent enjoyable. It was creamy, fresh and definitely not overly sour. Come down and try it to believe it! Lavender panna cotta seemed slightly out of place despite it being very aromatic but the chef has expressed that he only thought of adding it recently so he's still experimenting with getting various elements to gel. Once again kudos to his adventurous spirit and u can be sure the dishes are only going to get tastier.

Soft launch 40% off total receipt ends on 23rd april, sunday, but the chef is considering the soft launch so stay tuned!!! Hope everyone is as excited as i am :)

Main Of Lunch Set

Duck with cranberry quinoa and beetroot textures

Duck was perfect as previously reviewed, and im really sorry i didnt take a picture of the insane sear on the duck skin as the plating was just too pretty.

Cranberry quinoa with citrus flavours as well as pickled beetroots and beetroot powder definitely complemented the duck better than the previous rendition of carrot curry puree. The chef's cooking just keeps evolving and getting better. This was his original idea and would have been on the lunch menu last week if not for supply problems. What a pleasure to try the duck again!

Entree Of 27+ Lunch Set

Clams, mussels, stingray, barley, seaweed, mushroom

Topped with dehydrated enoki. Barley provided a nice chew and the stingray was super flaky. All in all an unexpectedly strong umami bomb that stuns u from dish 2.

Starter Of 4 Course Lunch Set

Lunch set changes everyday so dont be surprised if you dont find what you went tor as the chef only confirms the menu early in the morning. That being said, u can count on the food to be good so just place and reservation and go for it

First time this is served here. Charred broccoli gazpacho with raw broccoli stems and dehydrated broccoli chips. Variety of textures and the gazpacho has a really deep flavour due to the charring. Great starter and perfect portion to serve its purpose of whetting the appetite

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