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Tenderloin Tartare (part of four-course tasting menu)

$25.00 ยท 4 Reviews

The Tenderloin Tartare was prepared slightly differently - torched, to give it a smokey aroma and dotted with wasabi mayo to give it an additional kick. The blend of flavours was incredible, and the beef, deliciously tender.
The Mussels were presented with a cultural twist, marinated in a garam marsala sauce and topped with a generous hand of Parmesan shavings.
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Chef @christopetan 's dinner set menu is a study in course progression and restraint, each successive dish segueing effortlessly from the previous one in terms of flavour building and adhering to the overarching theme of maximising umami with a small but thoughtfully chosen set of ingredients.

Blowtorched on the outside to give it a delicious sear, the little cubes of beef within still remain refreshingly raw. Tiny dots of wasabi mayo provide bursts of creamy heat without overwhelming the natural flavour of the meat, whilst the dehydrated lotus root crisps present themselves as handy makeshift scoops for the tartare.

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Taste: 4/5


The tenderloin tartare, part of a $25++ 4-course tasting menu, was definitely the highlight of my meal: the beef, having been lightly torched, was tender, chewy and extremely flavorful. Along with the mild wasabi mayo and crunchy dehydrated lotus root chips, there was a simple yet sublime presentation of flavours that seriously left me wanting more!!!

Here is the second dish of the spanking new Brine's 4-course lunch tasting menu.
Although described as Tenderloin Tartare, the halal beef (yes, Chef @christophetan uses halal meats) was actually lightly torched so there's a pleasant smokiness to the small cubes of tenderloin. Dressed in wasabi mayo for a creamy mouthfeel, and served with crispy lotus root and thin slices of toast, this was a deftly orchestrated creation of textures and flavours.
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