It’s a collaboration between my mom & dad!! 🥺

The baguette was made from scratch (by mom) and put on the grilling pan and omg it was beautiful: toasted, browned, crisp and a bit chewy.
Dad did the cooking and wow I never thought I’d see the day where his scrambled eggs were better than mine 😳

The key to cooking good buttered scrambled eggs is to take it slow and try to work on individual portions so you can focus on it.

But cooking method aside, I’m here to assess the taste! And these eggs were wonderful : fluffy, soft and smooth with a mild buttery fragrance that lingers on your tastebuds even after you first eat it. 😉

As a classic combination, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs were great and paired well, with the saltiness of the salmon being balanced out by the buttery eggs. This was topped with mustard to add that extra umphh and it’s perfect! A satisfying breakfast hehe 🥰

Rating : 8.8/10

Would I eat it again : of course!! I swear the scrambled eggs were a whole new level for me ☺️

Kenboru prides itself on making healthy, affordable bowls for people!! I did do my research and found out that following this initiative, they actlly don’t use oil in their food preparation and cut back on the donburi sauce for the rice.

Personally, I thought that the seasoning was fine. The chicken, teriyaki sauce and mentaiko sauce came together quite well, no complaints about the flavour whatsoever since it was decent (although I will admit that I wish the teriyaki sauce was saltier). The sous vide egg was perfect though, like urghh so satisfying!! 👌

But I will say I wasn’t quite satisfied with the texture. Now hear me out, the chicken itself was soft, but I wouldn’t say that it was nearly tender enough for my taste (decent but nothing to shout abt rlly). The rice was also a bit dry because there isn’t much sauce but I think this can be circumvented if you burst the sous vide egg and mix it in!! The honey glazed tofu was well caramelised but a bit bland for my taste. And while I know that tofu is supposed to be bland, what I meant was that the flavour itself was mild even when I specifically tasted the outside. That said, I think if you like mildly seasoned tofu, it’s a fine option hehe 😉

Rating : 7.6/10

Would I eat it again : Hmm I’d say that this is definitely an affordable price for Japanese western fusion. But I’ve had better bowls before (albeit more expensive of course so I’m not complaining abt this) and this doesn’t rlly cut it for me. I’ll definitely be back to try their other more popular bowls but I wouldn’t see myself eating this too often. Probably once in while when I’m feeling healthy, but overall I’d stick to my love for unhealthy, deep umami flavours 🥰🥰

So I finally got to try the food at Bread Yard. I’d generally say that the bowl was quite average. The ingredients were well seasoned individually : crunchy salty kale, well sautéed mushrooms, a perfectly half cooked egg, etc. However, even though they were seasoned well, the different flavours didn’t come together to complement each other, and frankly it was abit disappointing cuz the ingredients were great eaten separately. The beef was on the chewier side despite being cooked to medium rare (I expected it to be more tender). But I will say that the saving grace was the sauce!! The sauce in the small metal cup was unlike anything I’ve had before, having hints of truffle mixed with vinegar and some kind of olive or sesame oil. It rlly was interesting cuz I’ve never thought of such a seasoning and it honestly went rlly well with the steak 👌 I can confidently say that I loved the sauce. The meal is honestly worth the price if you have burpple 1-1 but if not there’s nothing particularly great about this bowl other than the sauce. On a side note, the bread stick was good, with generous amounts of herbs, and the rosemary flavour rlly shone through.

Rating : 6.8/10

Would I eat it again : I’m open to going back to trying other food cuz I did hear good reviews and I think that I’d tell someone to try this just to get a taste of the sauce cuz I think it’s unique. But beyond getting a taste of it, I won’t be eating this again. I’d rather spend my calories on Bread Yard’s more well known pastries!! ✨


Urghh I’m in love with these!! 🥺
I swear Tiong Bahru Bakery has one of the best Kouign Amanns around hehe. I’ve tried kouign amann from multiple places but none of them really hits the spot. But this, wow, it’s buttery, crunchy and perfectly sweet!

The main point of a good kouign amann is the butter and sugar. Right from the get go, I could smell the buttery fragrance, and when I cut into it, the layers of pastry fell apart (it’s messy but still great), and you could observe the fine layers that went into this. When toasted, the texture of the crispy buttery layers rlly shine, and paired with the sticky sugar syrup that generously coated it, it was like a chewy sweet croissant. So satisfying. 🥰🥰

What makes this so good is not just cuz the pastry is done right but also the syrup. Compared to other places I’ve tried, Tiong Bahru bakery rlly has a thick, substantial and well caramelised sugar syrup that almost resembles the consistency of soft liquid candy. Huge winner for me. And on a side note, the portions are HUGE, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

Rating : 9.5/10

Would I eat it again : I’d eat it for the rest of my life even if I have diabetes!! 😫❤️😫❤️

Chicken Pie (Home baked)

Rlly did my momma’s chicken pie dirty with the blurry picture cuz it was so gooood!! ❤️
Look at that beautiful browned crust and the moist, soft chicken. 🥺🥺
It’s a rlly simple chicken pie with chicken chunks, potatoes, carrots and edame beans but the seasoning here is the key!! The filling was absolutely gorgeous : warm, soft potatoes, tender meat and a natural savoury sweetness from the carrots and beans. Just recalling the mushy warm texture of savoury goodness makes me think how satisfying it is as comfort food 🥰

Rating : A solid 8.8/10 (just cuz I think the pie crust could be better)

Would I eat it again : of course keke!! 🤤

Cajun Fries ($7)

I got the ‘Little’ cup size. And wow Five Guys r rlly generous with the fries. As much as the cup was small, they filled it to more than just that and dumped extra fries into the paperbag and I can confidently say that the quantity rivals a medium sized McDonald’s fries. Let me just say, but the fries here are GORGEOUS 🤩🤩
I swear they deserve and award and idk what kind of hacks Five Guys use to make these but honestly you can’t go back!! These fries are crunchy, with slivers of potato skins still left unpeeled, adding a savoury earthy dimension to the taste. The fries were a good kind of heavy salty and spicy at the same time. I have to say that this Cajun seasoning is one of the best I’ve ever had. Compared to other Cajun fries I’ve had before, this was heavily flavoured, and the taste of paprika and cayenne rlly shined through. It lowkey had the taste of curry powder too but I might be wrong 🤨
And the conclusion that I reached is that Five Guys has fries that are better than any other fastfood restaurant. I think that the fries here are better than Shake Shack, McDonald’s, Popeyes, hands down. I don’t usually give full marks but this one takes the cake 🥰

Rating : 10/10

Would I eat it again : YES!! Y’all be missing out if you don’t try! Like I’d eat the burger at Shake Shack but come here for the fries 👌👌

So there’s so much hype about Five Guys, some people say it’s better than Shake Shack, and others say it’s worse. Here’s my personal take on it.

Bacon Cheeseburger ($17)

Got this with A1 steak sauce. Okay first things first, the portions are HUGE. The beef was soft and moist, and I could appreciate that. I’d say that it’s a decently good burger, although difficult and messy to eat. That said, I don’t actlly feel that it was a jaw dropping experience. Like it’s a kind of typical sloppy American burger, fresh ingredients included, but it was too much for me. I found it greasy and overwhelming aft just consuming half a burger (keep in mind that I split it with a friend). And frankly, I’d rather eat a Shake Shack burger just cuz they have a more modern take on it and leaves a cleaner palate. Don’t get me wrong, Five Guys definitely knows what they’re doing, it’s good by certain standards but it rlly comes down to a personal preference of whether you like greasy & sloppy food. I will say though that I appreciated the bacon cuz it was rlly crispy and had a unique taste to it (I could taste hints of pork lard idk I might be wrong). That said, I’ll still rate this burger objectively assuming that I didn’t have an issue with excessively greasy food.

Rating : 8/10 (assuming I like greasy food)

Would I eat it again : I wouldn’t mind sharing it with a friend but I would never eat it on my own just bcuz the portion size and the taste is rlly overwhelming. Other than that, the price point is quite steep for a burger that isn’t up my ally in terms of taste preferences, so while it’s possible, it’s unlikely that I’ll go there just for the burger.

Spicy McNuggets ($3.70)

Omg as soon as I heard this seasonal item menu was back I had to get it! Like let’s get real, personally I’m not a fan of the typical McNuggets (they’re plain & ordinary). But this, is a miracle. The spicy McNuggets have this beautiful reddish orange crust and the taste rlly gives me a kick. It’s salty and spicy, everything I want in my comfort fastfood! I honestly wish they made this a permanent menu item cuz these are rlly solid winners in my book hehe ❤️

Rating - 9/10

Minion Potatoes ($2.55)

I can probably count myself lucky cuz when I got these they were piping hot, and I could tell they were fresh out of the fryer. And ooh it was great. The potatoes had a rlly thin crunchy crust, and the insides were insanely soft and warm. I will say that these remind me of wedges, except that there aren’t potato skins. It’s such a change up from the typical shoestring fries you get at McDonald’s and it is so worth it!

Rating - 9/10

Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie ($1.95)

The yuzu pie actually surprised me. I bit into it expecting the yuzu jam to have a sharp sourness to it, but it was a rounded citrus flavour, sweet while maintaining an appropriate sourness. I couldn’t really say that I tasted the cream cheese in its entirety but I will say that it definitely added to the creaminess of the pie and without it, the yuzu pie would have been rather one dimensional. The balance of cream and the jam plus the texture sort of reminded me of a pudding, and it’s sort of interesting cuz it’s like tasting a pudding but it’s hot (not cold)!! I definitely like this better than the Apple pie bcuz while McDonald’s does make a very distinctive Apple pie, it’s quite artificial and while I can appreciate artificial flavours occasionally, it distracts from a legitimate Apple pie that has the depth of flavour (no offence I’m just rlly picky abt Apple pies since it’s one of my prized desserts). I won’t say that the yuzu jam has a depth of flavour to it, but the accompaniment of cream cheese alrdy suggests a rounded flavour, so it’s more forgivable. That said, I do like this pie!

Rating - 8.5/10

Would I eat it again : Most definitely to all 3!! 🥰❤

It’s my first time trying Mont Blanc but I rlly liked it!! The chestnut cream was not overly sweet and it was light, going well with the cassis base. The base tart itself was filled with sweet chunky berry jam. The lighter chestnut cream paired with the heavy flavoured jam gave the dessert a good balance. And even though it was quite light, I found myself very satisfied.

The almond flakes on top were sweet and crunchy, pairing well with the light fluffy sponge cake. The middle layers of cream and apricot jam added just a slight citrus taste to it, appropriate enough to not be overly sour and it doesn’t dominate the primary flavour of the sponge cake that has hints of Amaretto. It is good but I will say that it is rather ordinary.

A roasted maitake mushroom sourdough sandwich w house sauerkraut, Swiss cheese & Russian dressing. So the first thing I noticed about this was the sourdough bread!! To me, bread can make or break the sandwich, regardless of how good the filling is. While I’ve never rlly fancied sourdough bread cuz it’s hard but I will have to say that this bread good! The bread is sliced thinly and has been most likely toasted on the stove, creating a crunchy yet chewy texture. Wonderful. The sandwich was rather refreshing and light in terms of palate thanks to the pickles and mushroom. And with the addition of Swiss cheese, it created a nice balance since it wasn’t too citrusy.

Although I will say that I’m someone that prefers stronger flavours, I can appreciate the lightness of this sandwich. It’s something that I’d picture bringing on a hot mid afternoon picnic.

I prefer this as finger food since it’s light so maybe as a snack but not as a full meal since I prefer heavy, full bodied flavours ❤️

Wow I have to say that I’m in love with this burger 😍😍
I feel like what makes this interesting is the chicken patty. Most of time, I’m used to eating chicken sandwiches w the chicken whole and intact (picture a Mcspicy chicken cutlet), but this burger had a pleasantly different texture. The chicken itself was cut up into smaller pieces and mixed in with onions and other seasonings before being coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried. It was similar to the texture of tempura. The oily deep full flavour of the fried chicken was balanced out with cabbage slaw and the lemon wasabi kewpie mayo, which makes for a satisfying finish.

Even though I usually don’t finish my food, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to eat everything since the flavours were not too overwhelming and I felt like I could eat more.

The chicken is so well seasoned and I haven’t had such a unique texture of chicken anywhere else. It a light fried chicken burger for when you don’t want something too oily on the palate. I think it’s worth a try!

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