Kenboru prides itself on making healthy, affordable bowls for people!! I did do my research and found out that following this initiative, they actlly don’t use oil in their food preparation and cut back on the donburi sauce for the rice.

Personally, I thought that the seasoning was fine. The chicken, teriyaki sauce and mentaiko sauce came together quite well, no complaints about the flavour whatsoever since it was decent (although I will admit that I wish the teriyaki sauce was saltier). The sous vide egg was perfect though, like urghh so satisfying!! 👌

But I will say I wasn’t quite satisfied with the texture. Now hear me out, the chicken itself was soft, but I wouldn’t say that it was nearly tender enough for my taste (decent but nothing to shout abt rlly). The rice was also a bit dry because there isn’t much sauce but I think this can be circumvented if you burst the sous vide egg and mix it in!! The honey glazed tofu was well caramelised but a bit bland for my taste. And while I know that tofu is supposed to be bland, what I meant was that the flavour itself was mild even when I specifically tasted the outside. That said, I think if you like mildly seasoned tofu, it’s a fine option hehe 😉

Rating : 7.6/10

Would I eat it again : Hmm I’d say that this is definitely an affordable price for Japanese western fusion. But I’ve had better bowls before (albeit more expensive of course so I’m not complaining abt this) and this doesn’t rlly cut it for me. I’ll definitely be back to try their other more popular bowls but I wouldn’t see myself eating this too often. Probably once in while when I’m feeling healthy, but overall I’d stick to my love for unhealthy, deep umami flavours 🥰🥰