So I finally got to try the food at Bread Yard. I’d generally say that the bowl was quite average. The ingredients were well seasoned individually : crunchy salty kale, well sautéed mushrooms, a perfectly half cooked egg, etc. However, even though they were seasoned well, the different flavours didn’t come together to complement each other, and frankly it was abit disappointing cuz the ingredients were great eaten separately. The beef was on the chewier side despite being cooked to medium rare (I expected it to be more tender). But I will say that the saving grace was the sauce!! The sauce in the small metal cup was unlike anything I’ve had before, having hints of truffle mixed with vinegar and some kind of olive or sesame oil. It rlly was interesting cuz I’ve never thought of such a seasoning and it honestly went rlly well with the steak 👌 I can confidently say that I loved the sauce. The meal is honestly worth the price if you have burpple 1-1 but if not there’s nothing particularly great about this bowl other than the sauce. On a side note, the bread stick was good, with generous amounts of herbs, and the rosemary flavour rlly shone through.

Rating : 6.8/10

Would I eat it again : I’m open to going back to trying other food cuz I did hear good reviews and I think that I’d tell someone to try this just to get a taste of the sauce cuz I think it’s unique. But beyond getting a taste of it, I won’t be eating this again. I’d rather spend my calories on Bread Yard’s more well known pastries!! ✨