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Rachael Lim
Rachael Lim

Cajun Fries ($7)

I got the ‘Little’ cup size. And wow Five Guys r rlly generous with the fries. As much as the cup was small, they filled it to more than just that and dumped extra fries into the paperbag and I can confidently say that the quantity rivals a medium sized McDonald’s fries. Let me just say, but the fries here are GORGEOUS 🤩🤩
I swear they deserve and award and idk what kind of hacks Five Guys use to make these but honestly you can’t go back!! These fries are crunchy, with slivers of potato skins still left unpeeled, adding a savoury earthy dimension to the taste. The fries were a good kind of heavy salty and spicy at the same time. I have to say that this Cajun seasoning is one of the best I’ve ever had. Compared to other Cajun fries I’ve had before, this was heavily flavoured, and the taste of paprika and cayenne rlly shined through. It lowkey had the taste of curry powder too but I might be wrong 🤨
And the conclusion that I reached is that Five Guys has fries that are better than any other fastfood restaurant. I think that the fries here are better than Shake Shack, McDonald’s, Popeyes, hands down. I don’t usually give full marks but this one takes the cake 🥰

Rating : 10/10

Would I eat it again : YES!! Y’all be missing out if you don’t try! Like I’d eat the burger at Shake Shack but come here for the fries 👌👌

So there’s so much hype about Five Guys, some people say it’s better than Shake Shack, and others say it’s worse. Here’s my personal take on it.

Bacon Cheeseburger ($17)

Got this with A1 steak sauce. Okay first things first, the portions are HUGE. The beef was soft and moist, and I could appreciate that. I’d say that it’s a decently good burger, although difficult and messy to eat. That said, I don’t actlly feel that it was a jaw dropping experience. Like it’s a kind of typical sloppy American burger, fresh ingredients included, but it was too much for me. I found it greasy and overwhelming aft just consuming half a burger (keep in mind that I split it with a friend). And frankly, I’d rather eat a Shake Shack burger just cuz they have a more modern take on it and leaves a cleaner palate. Don’t get me wrong, Five Guys definitely knows what they’re doing, it’s good by certain standards but it rlly comes down to a personal preference of whether you like greasy & sloppy food. I will say though that I appreciated the bacon cuz it was rlly crispy and had a unique taste to it (I could taste hints of pork lard idk I might be wrong). That said, I’ll still rate this burger objectively assuming that I didn’t have an issue with excessively greasy food.

Rating : 8/10 (assuming I like greasy food)

Would I eat it again : I wouldn’t mind sharing it with a friend but I would never eat it on my own just bcuz the portion size and the taste is rlly overwhelming. Other than that, the price point is quite steep for a burger that isn’t up my ally in terms of taste preferences, so while it’s possible, it’s unlikely that I’ll go there just for the burger.

Spicy McNuggets ($3.70)

Omg as soon as I heard this seasonal item menu was back I had to get it! Like let’s get real, personally I’m not a fan of the typical McNuggets (they’re plain & ordinary). But this, is a miracle. The spicy McNuggets have this beautiful reddish orange crust and the taste rlly gives me a kick. It’s salty and spicy, everything I want in my comfort fastfood! I honestly wish they made this a permanent menu item cuz these are rlly solid winners in my book hehe ❤️

Rating - 9/10

Minion Potatoes ($2.55)

I can probably count myself lucky cuz when I got these they were piping hot, and I could tell they were fresh out of the fryer. And ooh it was great. The potatoes had a rlly thin crunchy crust, and the insides were insanely soft and warm. I will say that these remind me of wedges, except that there aren’t potato skins. It’s such a change up from the typical shoestring fries you get at McDonald’s and it is so worth it!

Rating - 9/10

Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie ($1.95)

The yuzu pie actually surprised me. I bit into it expecting the yuzu jam to have a sharp sourness to it, but it was a rounded citrus flavour, sweet while maintaining an appropriate sourness. I couldn’t really say that I tasted the cream cheese in its entirety but I will say that it definitely added to the creaminess of the pie and without it, the yuzu pie would have been rather one dimensional. The balance of cream and the jam plus the texture sort of reminded me of a pudding, and it’s sort of interesting cuz it’s like tasting a pudding but it’s hot (not cold)!! I definitely like this better than the Apple pie bcuz while McDonald’s does make a very distinctive Apple pie, it’s quite artificial and while I can appreciate artificial flavours occasionally, it distracts from a legitimate Apple pie that has the depth of flavour (no offence I’m just rlly picky abt Apple pies since it’s one of my prized desserts). I won’t say that the yuzu jam has a depth of flavour to it, but the accompaniment of cream cheese alrdy suggests a rounded flavour, so it’s more forgivable. That said, I do like this pie!

Rating - 8.5/10

Would I eat it again : Most definitely to all 3!! 🥰❤

I am not responsible for any indigestion incurred during my meal recommendations 🤡

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